Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun on a Friday in March...

I can't believe I forgot my camera today! frustrating! It was a fun day, even though I don't have any photos to prove it!

Chicken's Auntie and I went on a short little road trip to Knightsbridge Antique Mall because they were having a big sale-15-50% off store wide! While she found a couple treasures, I didn't find anything this time that I couldn't live without...although I did come really close to purchasing a pretty vintage linen tablecloth with pink hyacinths on it.

We also stopped at Green's Consignment and tried to find a garage sale, but it was already closed when we got there.

After we went our separate ways, while I was driving home, I followed a moving sale sign to a frog of a sale-they really didn't even have enough stuff to even warrant the work of the sale. Then I stopped at Trading Closets a consignment store that carries everything you could need for your home as well as clothes and designer purses.

My only purchase of the day was from Green's a striped linen tablecloth that has most of the Fiesta colors in it.

I found a HUGE bargain when I went grocery shopping today! I bought 2 loaves of pumpernickel bread to use with spinach dip. They were both marked $2.50. When the cashier scanned them, they scanned at 2 cents each! She called the manager over and the manager said to give them to me at that price and she'd tell them in the deli department that the bar code was messed up. What a bargain! That spinach dip is going to taste so  yummy when I think of the great deal I got on the bread-2 loaves for 4 cents!!

I'm trying to decide if I am going to go to an Estate sale tomorrow or just stay home and clean the house and do the laundry---but what fun is that!?!?


  1. I LOVE that table's the exact colors in my kitchen! I wish I could find one just like it. I know fiesta makes one..but I like these colors better! :)

  2. Hi Sarab44! Thanks for commenting! If it had a tag on it, I could tell you who made it, but the tag is long gone-if it ever existed! It looks great with my Fiesta-I really love it!!