Saturday, March 6, 2010

Brighton Masonic Antiques Show...

Today was the big day! The yearly Masonic Antiques Show at the old Hartland High School. It has been 2 or 3 years since we (my friend Chicken's Auntie and I) visited last, and today seemed to have more vendors and more buyers-it was fun! I was very happy to see Carol from Lamb's Gate and the Salvage Yard (one of my new favorite shops), and a couple of ladies that sell in the Royal Oak Parking Structure Garage Sale. It's fun when you get to shop from some of your favorite sellers!

Chicken's Auntie was the big winner at the show, she got a few neat things. All I got was a bag of popcorn and a bottle of water.

After that, we headed to the Great Midwest Antique Emporium in Waterford. This is a neat little shop that seemed to have pretty decent prices. I enjoyed visiting this shop so much, I wish it would have been bigger!



We made a quick pit stop after that at Dixieland Flea Market (I've been there more in the last 2 months than I have in the last 10 years!). I got a  set of glass coasters-half off for only $1. I'm thinking of  spray painting the carrier.

Nothing fancy, but for a dollar...I might be able to dress it up a little and once they are clean they should sparkle a little bit.

My GPS took us way out of our way on the route home, but we found a moving sale on the way and I got an Anchor Hocking Savannah bread and butter dish, 3 iron skeleton keys (all for $1), and a card/picture holder
for $2.



Somehow, the GPS brought us out in downtown Fenton and ended up at Garage Sale 360 & Hitz Consignment. I got a GREAT piece of material to make into a tablecloth (if I can persuade Chicken's Auntie to finish the edges).

From there we went to Fratz Consignment and we had a ball walking around and looking at everything. I got a great Pyrex refrigerator dish, that is just the perfect size for leftovers, and a purple slag chicken on a nest. How do you tell if it is old or if it is a reproduction? The woman at the register said she thought it was probably 20 years or so old. Anyone have any clues how to date them?



All in all, it was a fun day! Beautiful blue skies, lot of gorgeous sun, almost 50 degrees, and lots of laughs! Today was not a frog, but a prince!

Chicken's Auntie suggested we travel to Jeffrey's in Findlay Ohio for one of our adventures. I was surprised when she said it is no farther to Jeffrey's than what we drove for our Bay City trip! Jeffrey's here we come!!!


  1. Okay, I was wrong. Jeffrey's is 25 miles farther and 20 minutes more to drive...
    I had fun today, too!