Friday, April 23, 2010

Checking out a Smart Car...

Only got to stop at one garage sale today, and it was wayyy over priced! I took a small road trip with my oldest son to check out Smart Cars. We had great sunny weather for our drive and lots of great conversation - something that doesn't always come very easy between a soon to be 19 year old guy and his mom.

I was actually pretty impressed with the car. It is very roomy! At 6'3" Adam had no problem fitting, and he was quite comfortable at that!

The car seems like a pretty good bargain too! There are 3 models and right now you can lease them for ($999 down) $169, $189, and $249 a month on a 3 year lease. The most expensive is a convertible! Since its outer panels are plastic, you can buy one color car and then order a different color panel set for about $300 and totally change your car color on a whim-and you can change it out yourself in about 8 hours!

It looked kinda sporty and fun-but no storage and no spare tire. Not practical for a mom with kids still at home-no where to put the groceries!  I did fill out an entry form to win a one month free test drive though!

 That is a very little car!

 This picture was shot from the driver's side of my car. He parked the Smart car so that the front tires lined up with my front tires-see the back end of the Smart car even with the back of the passenger seat in my car?


  1. Hmmm missed the most important 'no room'-- no room for treasures or bargains when you find them!

  2. I know...but it might be a good thing--it will save me money on gas as well as save me money on purchases I can't make because I have no room to haul them home!