Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Breakfast for 1200...

Well, it looks like we ended up with about 1125-1135 people for Easter breakfast yesterday at church. We got so busy once we got the buffet lines set, I totally forgot to snap some pictures! We had 50 round tables set up in the gym with half of the tables with white tablecloths and half lilac. The buffet line was lilac tablecloths with white skirting-same for the beverage table and coffee cake table. I did get a few early shots of the food in the fridge though- I love our church's walk in refrigerator and freezer!! They both hold an amazing amount of food! Too bad I'm not doing the church picnic (for 1500) this year-I'd LOVE to show you just how much we can pack in!

 This is called breakfast casserole. It is a recipe from Taste of Home. It has hashbrowns, eggs, ham, green pepper, cheese and onions. We made 15 of these full size pans. We had a little extra ham at the end, so we went back and sprinkled some extra on them.You can find these recipes on the Taste of Home website or scroll back a few posts and I have them here on my blog.

This is Blueberry French Toast casserole. It is also from Taste of Home. It has white bread, eggs, syrup, vanilla, cream cheese and blueberries in it. When it baked, it was taller than the pan! We made 15 of these as well.

This is called Festive Fruit Salad, it is also a recipe from Taste of Home. What can I say, they have AWESOME recipes! The topping for this fruit salad is so good, people were asking for it a couple weeks before the breakfast! The topping has cream cheese, cool whip, lemon juice and powdered sugar-yum!

The bags on the shelves are scrambled egg product from GFS. One of my volunteers who was manning the beverage station, brought one to me during the breakfast rush and asked how much water he adds to it to fill the 5 gallon jug with orange juice! I was soo thankful that he asked me BEFORE he dumped it in the jug! LOL! We went through about 48 bags. What is great about the eggs like this, is you don't have to crack all those eggs, and they boil in the bag! I was skeptical at first, but it is a quick and less messy way to make scrambled eggs-especially for a crowd!

Ten pound bags of pancake mix. We went through 60 pounds. One of the ladies helping with the breakfast panicked and sent someone to the store, and had them buy another 50 pounds-we never ended up using it... We also served oatmeal with pecans, raisins, brown sugar and milk (that they could add themselves), yogurt, bananas and coffee cakes and mini donuts-and of course, sausage and bacon!

 We had 33 gallons of orange juice all made up and ready to go. We used all of it plus another 18 gallons. We also had coffee-regular and decaf.

These are some pretty Easter flowers my hubby got for me! I LOVE the purple!!

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