Friday, April 16, 2010

A couple garage sales, and estate sale and a trip to Hell...

Since my back was still complaining this morning, and my younger son had a day off from school...and there were some really great sounding sales in our area...I talked him into being my chauffer today. He turns 16 next Wednesday and needs all the practice he can get, so he was glad to drive me around. We only had one good sale out of about a dozen. I got a couple more brightly colored vintage tablecloths...I know...I know, I said I was done for a while with linens.... but they were really bright, and really pretty, and really cheap, and really calling out my name---and I just couldn't walk away!

 I already need a 12 step program for my Fiesta addiction-might as well add in one for my bright vintage linen addiction too!

We ended up in Pinckney, and when he saw the sign that said Hell with an arrow, he suggested we go to Hell---Michigan-that is. We joked around a little bit about it and he told me about a show on Food Network where they showcased the Screams Ice Cream Parlor from Hell. He remembered their "Grave-Digger" ice cream special and wanted to try it.

They cover the bottom of a foam carryout container with crushed Oreo crumbs (supposed to represent dirt) then they cut a banana to look like a head, torso, arms and legs. Then they add colored coconut for the hair, blue colored chocolate sauce for the two eyes with chocolate pupils, a big pink mouth and then they top it all off with 3 huge scoops of ice cream and whip topping and a cherry if you want it. After you eat it, you go back in and get your "death certificate".

We went outside and they have a mini golf area with a lot of cut outs that you can put your face in...considering he wears a size 15 shoe-we got a good chuckle out of the big foot one!

While we were stopped in downtown Pinckney getting gas, Eric spotted a live bait vending machine across the street and wandered over and took a snap of it-he was pretty impressed! They even had a button for nightcrawlers!

It was a fun day of joking and talking with Eric-I just wish my back didn't hurt so much!!

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