Tuesday, May 4, 2010

19 Years Have Gone By So FAST!!!

Today my oldest son turns 19! Boy, do I feel OLD! It seems like just yesterday, we were looking at the ultrasound pictures, shopping for a crib and furniture. When he was about 3 he decided he wanted his name changed to Bubba. Now days he's ok with only mom calling him Bub.

 3 months

 8 years

 Senior Prom

Senior Picture

We had a fun family dinner at Border Cantina (he almost always chooses this restaurant). We've been going there for his birthday dinner for many years. When he was little and he saw all the early decorations for Cinco de Mayo-he just assumed they we there for him and that they decorated for his birthday! :)

We had lots of laughs and good family times! It was such a funny outing, and such funny things were said (without any effort), I didn't want the day to end! The boys likened it to a Sponge Bob episode.

He is much more reserved than Eric and didn't want to share his birthday cake with the guys on his softball team (he had his first game of the season on his birthday). 

I'm trying to intentionally soak up every minute I can with both of my boys, knowing that all too soon they will be out of the house living their own lives.

Happy Birthday Bub! I love you!!

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