Monday, May 17, 2010

To Do List Accomplishments…But Many More Things To Do!

Yesterday was a good day to get a bunch of things done! After church, I had the whole day to be busy working on crossing things off my “To Do” list. It has been really crazy and hectic around here lately, so some of the things have been needing to be done for a while.

I got one flower bed weeded and cleaned out and ready for some purple and pink Wave Petunias (another thing on my “To Do” list). I finished staining the display book cases my DH made for me and got them into the house. Now I just need to load them up with my glassware and books!  

While I was out in the barn, I saw one of the many trunks we inadvertently collected last summer, sitting off to the side all by itself. I really need to work on the rest of the trunks and get them finished (more things on my “To Do” list).

There seems to be a theme here…the more I check off my list…the more things I need to do! Maybe I should re-think this “To Do” list while I take a break and lounge in the hammock in the yard admiring the beautiful blue skies and sunshine! ;)

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