Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Garage Sale Treasure...

On Mother's Day, we went to my husband's sister's house because his mom and step-father were stopping there on their way back home from wintering in Florida. It was a nice day, and my sister in law made us a great dinner. And to top it all off, she called a friend of hers down the road, who is moving from a house into an apartment and is having a garage sale in a couple of weeks, to ask if we could rummage through her stuff.

She was happy to have us look through it and happy to make some money before she had to do any work to price it or set it up. Kevin got an old saw, an old oil can, a giant drill bit, a couple of wire racks, a tow strap and a 5 gallon bucket. He spent $14.50-I think my purchase was a better bargain...

I only got one thing...when I asked her how much, she said...." about 35cents?" I gave her 50 cents and couldn't wait to get home to look it up on line to see what I got!

It's a Homer Laughlin, Harlequin ball pitcher. There is a lot of dirt inside and out, but it appears to be free from chips, scratches and flea bites. I thought there was a scratch on the outside, but it came off when I was cleaning it!

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  1. Update on the sister-in-law asked her friend why she sold the pitcher to me for so little...she told her that she has had it for 25 years and it had belonged to her husband's ex-wife and she couldn't stand it and was very glad to get rid of it!
    Whew! I was feeling guilty for buying it so cheaply-and wondering if I should send her some money. Now, I understand why she let it go so cheaply, and I feel ok about it!