Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fun Estate Sale!

Today, Auntie and I went to an amazing estate sale! The prices on some things were ridiculously high, on some things just right and some things they gave away-literally! I found the sale on and was very intrigued by the photos they showed. So we set the GPS, and off we went!

Walking up to the sale, we saw part of the sale was in the yard and driveway. The two outside workers told us the real sale was in the house and that the stuff out there wasn't worthy of being "in there". It was mostly old Tupperware-more than I have ever seen in one place before! There were a few other things, but we rushed past them to get inside, because through the window we could see lots of swanky swigs!! Which unfortunately, neither one of us bought any.

It was very overwhelming to say the least! The kitchen was jam-packed with all kinds of vintage and antique goodies! One thing that I got really irritated about was the lack of price stickers! It seemed to be an estate sale run by an entire family, but only one sister was allowed to tell you the prices. That got old really fast! She would look at an item, and (I think) look at you to see how much she thought you'd be willing to pay (or could pay) and then set a price. I heard her tell 3 different people 3 different prices on the same Pyrex mixing bowl set (because we were there for a while).

After I got home, I went back to the website to look up the name of the company hosting the sale, to try to avoid their sales in the future, but it wasn't listed. While we were there, I over heard one sister telling another shopper that they plan to turn the basement of the house into their antique shop, and maybe the whole house. That would kind of explain the "dealer's" prices (when she told you the price) on a lot of stuff.

It wasn't a frog of a sale by any means, just an awkward, teenage, pimply prince of a sale! We did find some great treasures (so it was definitely worth the drive), but you could tell their main motivation was to make as much money as they could, not just get what you can for it and get rid of the stuff-like most estate sales I've been to.

Here is what I added to my collections today:

This is everything in one shot. A vintage tablecloth, two purple transfer ware plates, two Pyrex casserole dishes with lids, 2 flower plates and 2 decks of cards (unopened) in a case. Hmmm...maybe I should have gotten 2 tablecloths to round out the theme of 2 that I didn't realize I had going on there! :)

I first picked up all of the plates (because they were half off) to "plant" in my flower garden, but...I'm thinking the purple ones will stay in the house. The other two will be "planted" in about ten minutes.

I bought the cards because they reminded me of my grandma on my dad's side. She always had cases (like these) of Canasta cards in her buffet cabinet top drawer in her dining room. I used to LOVE playing Canasta with her-even when she cheated!

 Plus I love the vintage Fiesta colors look to them!

The Pyrex dishes are in wonderful shape! I've never seen this style before, so I was pretty excited to get them!

The tablecloth has a few light stains, but the head-price-giver sister told us to use a combination of powered Ivory Snow and Biz and really hot, hot water to soak stained linens in and the stains will come out. So now I bet you know what is on the top of my next grocery list-huh? What do you use to remove stains from vintage linens? How successful is it? Have you tried the Biz and Ivory Snow combo? Does it work?

While I was sitting here typing away about my treasure finds today, the UPS truck pulled up with a treasure I bought from My first bowl in the vintage turquoise (or aqua as I've seen the color called) Pyrex mixing bowl set!!! Now the hunt is on to locate the other three bowls-in great shape-and for a great price!

Part of me wants to say "shhh...don't tell anyone about", so that the word doesn't get out and it becomes harder to get a good deal...but part of me wants to spread the word because it is for a charity. I've gotten two really good deals so far, and a third one is due to come sometime next week!!! Can't wait for it to arrive, and can't wait to show you!

How about you? How did your treasure-seeking go this weekend?

Next weekend, I am heading to Big Rapids for a graduation open-house for my cousin's daughter, and will be stopping at the Allegan Antiques Market (it is only the last Sunday of the month, April-September) with my mom. Then heading to the U.P. for more adventures with my parents at their house. Poor DH has to stay home and work.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great weekend! Can't wait to see what treasures you found!

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