Friday, March 23, 2012

How Was Your Friday??

What did you do today? Did you get to any sales? Did you just stay home? Did you have to work? I was off work (for the most part), and I slept in!!! I went to one sale that was advertised on Craigslist, but didn't have any signs out and nothing was priced, and you know how I feel about no prices-right?!? Didn't buy a thing, but on my way home, I followed a rabbit trail of some signs and came across a couple little garage sales and a newer Salvation Army store (that in the past has been full of very high priced junk).

This is what I got today...

I took the little peanut to the vet for the first time today. I thought she weighed about 4 pounds but she actually weighed in at 2.8 pounds!! She got a glowing report, and by the time we left, she had the vet, the office manager and the front desk help wrapped around her tiny little paw! She seems to have that effect on everyone who meets her!

No sales for me tomorrow-big food prep day with the high school students from our church youth group. For their fundraiser dinner on Sunday for their mission trip in June. I had to shop for the produce today-that was the little bit of work I had to do-not bad at all!  I did find a great sale for Kevin in the town I grew up in-it's full of woodworking tools and equipment!

Here's a couple of shots of Adam's new car-it just rolled over 100 miles, and just got the first car wash of its young life!

Here are a couple shots of spring popping up all over our yard! It's been in the 80's for almost a week-I'm dreading June, July and August's temperatures if it is this warm already!!!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!

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