Friday, March 2, 2012

Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit...

Today I made a long trip to pick up a sleeping bag. One of our students left it on the bus last Sunday when they returned from winter retreat. The bus company is in Wyandotte...and a loooonnnnnng way away from me! I picked it up and went to an estate sale out that way-that was billed as a cancer sale for a former dealer who didn't want to leave her family with a mess of antiques to sell when she passed. It was in a VFW hall, and was being conducted by a local estate sale company.

When I got there, about 3 minutes before they were scheduled to open, there had to be at least 50 people in line ahead of me. Some left because they didn't want to wait, but most waited in line. From the advertising and pictures online, I expected something much bigger than what I found. The prices were on the high side and I wasn't impressed with what they had. I've been to sales in houses that have had waaayyy more stuff than this hall had. The tables weren't even full for the most part.

People were coming out empty handed or with tiny little bags of stuff. The people in line were asking if it was worth it to wait to go in and they all said it was, and that it was gorgeous inside...they must have really gotten a laugh out of that! It was sooo not worth the wait, and inside was sooo disappointing!! There still was about 50 people in line waiting when I left, and they had about 50 inside too. I'm glad I was already out there for the sleeping bag and didn't make the trip just for the sale!!!

I think this estate sale company made a huge mistake in advertising this sale to be a big deal when it wasn't. I overheard a LOT of people grumbling and cussing about what a waste it was to drive out there and it sounded like they don't plan to attend any more sales by this company!

I stopped at another sale on my way back, but it was really picked over and the prices seemed pretty high as well. I made it a round-about trip toward home and stopped at Knightsbridge Antique Mall in Northville-I love that place!!! It is one of the few antique malls that I've been to that you just feel comfortable as soon as you walk in!

I decided to take back roads to get home from Knightsbridge, and drove through the towns I grew up in. while I was driving, I came across some signs that said "ESTATE SALE TODAY 9am-5pm". Since they were going in the same direction that I needed to go to get home, I followed them. It ended up being in a newer home of a couple who looked to be downsizing and moving. They said they hadn't advertised, but something about the sale seems to ring in my mind that I read about it somewhere...

They were in their second day, and things were very well picked over. I did see several Red Poppy items in their garage-they were priced really high! They told me they were from the 30's and were highly collectible and hard to find. I came right home and found most of the pieces right away on Ebay-for the same price or less than what they were trying to sell them for!!

I picked up a few things while I was out and about today, but nothing to brag was nice to be out and about again-I got home right before it started pouring rain! It was more of a frog kind of day than a prince kind of day today-as far as sales and treasures.

The best part of the day was when I got a call from my cousin. She and her dad had just met with one of the pastors at the church I work at to discuss arrangements for my aunt's memorial service on Monday. They don't have a church of their own, they shopped around over the years, but never really settled. She was so thankful that not only is the pastor doing the service for free, the church is putting on a luncheon for free as well!!! She said my uncle almost started crying over their generosity!! Money has always been very tight for my aunt and uncle, and I know all of her hospital expenses and hospice expenses have been a heavy blow to him. My mom and I were going to secretly pay for the luncheon, but the pastor/church won't let us-they are taking care of it!! What a blessing!!!

How was your Friday? I'll be stopping by to visit your blogs and see what you've been up to while I was away last week! Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!!


  1. I think you did well. I really like the firs pic.

  2. I think your uncle has found his church....or it found him. What a lovely thing for them to do. My condolences to you and your family.