Friday, March 2, 2012

Unexpected Benefit!

We added a sun room to our house to have some extra room to move around. Our house is really small and with 2 guys still living at home who are 6'4" and taller-we really needed the space. We've been enjoying it all winter-it is so bright and cheery that we all love being in that room.

Last night, Adam had a bunch of his friends over for a LAN party. We never heard a thing! Come to find out, when the door is closed, the sun room is virtually sound proof!! They played their video games until 3am, and ate us out of house and home, and we never heard a peep!!! I LOVE it!!!

This is what I saw when I was leaving the house this morning...

 How many guys are in there besides Adam??

Everyone had left except Ian...notice the bare feet hanging over the edge of the love seat...I LOVE that they hang out at our house and they have fun, I just dread how long it will take for them to break down their set up!!!

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