Friday, May 4, 2012

Fill a Bag for $7!

Today Kevin and I took off with a list of about 7 sales to hit. We never made it to the first sale of the day. My GPS wouldn't come on (again)! I think I have just about worn it out! It's only 3 years old, but it gets used every weekend a LOT! Sometimes it just won't come on, or it gets stuck and won't move. I've tried hooking it up to my computer for upgrades, but that doesn't work either.

By the time we got the GPS to come on, it was time to head to the second sale on my list, a church barn sale! I've been to this barn sale every year for a few years now and I always find some good stuff. Today was "fill a bag for $7" day and collectibles were priced separately.

Kevin picked up a couple wool sweaters (I swear, he is turning into an 80 year old man right before my eyes!!), and a couple of other things he thought I would like. I picked up a few collectibles and a few things to fill the bag.

When we got to the car, I asked what he got that he thought I would like (since it was buried in the bag). He got a weather vane arrow and an old potato masher. I thought that sounded cool-he's finally getting what I'm looking for! I asked him where he found them because I never saw them...he said, "up on that balcony area"...gulp! I asked if he meant the "collectibles area" and he said "yeah".

I explained to him that they were priced individually and that you're supposed to pay for them in the collectibles area only and they couldn't be part of our $7 bag. He didn't know, he wasn't trying to steal from a church-he just saw them, thought I'd like them, saw they weren't priced and assumed they'd fit in our bag.

After we got the rest of our stuff loaded in the car, I went back in and gave another donation to cover the two things he mistakenly added to our bag. It didn't end up being the smokin' hot deal I thought I was getting, but at least I have a clear conscience for going back and paying for those things!

After that, every sale we went to I felt like I hit the jackpot! I haven't had such a good day junkin' like this in a lonnnnnng time!

Here is what I got:

 Weather vane arrow...there is one on Ebay right now at the whopping price of $1.25!! 

 Crystal knife rests-from a garage sale.

 Cow creamer from the same sale as the knife rests.

Thermos from the church barn sale-in the $7 bag.

 Vinyl tablecloth that is reversible-Christmas on one side and Birthday on the other. From the Church barn sale-along with other Christmas tablecloths picked up at different garage sales.

 5 Tablecloths a couple dish towels and a runner all from garage sales.

 Instructions from 1977 to make the following glamorous gifts...

 All of these glamorous gifts were from the church barn sale.

 Mackinac Island tray from the church barn sale.

 More vintage circus tumblers from the church barn sale-these were from the collectibles area, but were pretty cheap. They weren't marked and the lady just guessed on a price.

 Woodland Pyrex from a garage sale.

 Tiny little crock from the church barn sale.

 Masher from the church barn sale.

 A couple of boxes of old ornaments from a garage sale.

 Nesting Santa dolls from a garage sale-gotta love fifty cents!!

 Nesting Christmas Trees-from the same garage sale as the Santas and another fifty cents!

 Christmas light from the church barn sale.

 A couple old net hats and a hat box for $1.

 A few little hankies.

Here are the tablecloths all opened up.

The last tablecloth had two repair spots. The repairs were what convinced me to buy this tablecloth. I think they give it character! Who repairs tablecloths these days? I've come a LONG way in my tablecloth collecting haven't I? 

I also got a ghost and pumpkin blow mold, 2 antique wood planes, a small wooden dresser (at the church barn sale for $5), and an old rusty hand drill.

How was your junkin' Friday? What kinds of goodies did you find? 


  1. Jackpot with a capital "J!" I love the containers made out of cards. I have a few, and bring them out every Christmas.

  2. I love the tablecloths, they are so lovely. I like it when there are small repairs too! It just gives them a little extra charm.