Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Still Here!!!

I've been soooo busy outside lately! Every spare minute has been going to the yard. I've been to a couple of sales here and there and will show you what I got soon-but right now I thought I'd show you what I saw the other day as I was taking a break from the back-breaking work.

I was in the hammock-my favorite place in the world- when these guys hopped our fence and were about 100 feet from me. It was pretty awesome!! Good thing I had my phone!!

I'll be kinda of scarce for the next few weeks--have lots of yard work to do for the big grad party on the 24th of June. Since Kevin's decided he doesn't want to do any of it, that means more for me and the boys...we'll get it done, but I won't be spending much time online.

Have a great Memorial weekend!! I miss seeing what you've been up to!!!

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  1. Don't you just love it when nature pops up and surprises you!! Have fun at your son's graduation--great accomplishment.