Sunday, May 6, 2012

M-15 Heritage Sale and Goodrich Flea Market...

Late Friday afternoon, I was going through some papers that I had printed out a couple of months ago, but never took the time to go through them and I noticed an ad for the M-15 Heritage Sale on Saturday. The sale was actually Friday and Saturday, but I missed Friday. The Goodrich Flea Market was also on Saturday...and it was on M-15!!

Before I left home, I was debating whether or not to take my granny cart to the flea market. In the end, I decided to leave it at home and take a bunch of giant bags to carry because the granny cart would take up too much room.

As I pulled in, I was sooo discouraged! There were only 6 vendors! I was soo looking forward to a great flea market because one of  my blog buddies recommended it. Since it was the same day as the M-15 sale, I figured I'd just zip through the 6  vendors and hit the sale trail. The selection and prices were GREAT!!!

As I was walking around, I smelled fresh kettle corn!! You know that is my favorite, so I had to head up to where it was being made. As I got there, I noticed people coming out of a building and then I noticed that the flea market was also inside!!! YAY!!! There were probably another 20 vendors inside!

I am sooo glad I followed my nose to the kettle corn!! Otherwise, I might have totally missed the inside vendors! I bought more treasures inside and talked with some very friendly sellers. The told me there was an antique mall in the building behind the flea market! BONUS!  It was a cute little mall too!

This is what I picked up from the flea market...

Yes...more linens...I'm afraid my family is going to have an intervention soon if I pick up any more! Look at the bright colors-I couldn't pass them up $9 for all three!!!

After the flea market, I started going south on M-15 and after about 10 miles and very few sales, I decided to turn around and go north-that way I could travel south on my way home. It was a lot of driving but it was so much fun!! If I would have ventured off the main route, I could have hit a ton more sales, but I decided to stick to just sales that I could see from the main road. It was more than enough too-I was exhausted when I got home!!

 Santa was only a buck!!

 This is all metal-nice and heavy!

 Amber carnival glass punch bowl with 12 cups in a box under a table-I almost missed it!

 More hankies!! I couldn't resist-they were a quarter each!!

 This little shopping cart was just too cute! I wish I would have gotten one more-they had 5 to sell!

Don't you just love the handle?!?

I drove just a little farther north than Frankenmuth and ended up driving through downtown Frankenmuth on the way home. I stopped at a little antique shop in Millington called Mike's that I really liked on a previous visit and enjoyed my quick stroll through again. I almost bought a Grandma's Flower Garden quilt...except it wasn't old. Someone has a booth there filled with gorgeous brand new quilts that are hand quilted. They were only $89 with a 20% off sale!!! I decided to hold out for an old one, but boy was I tempted!!

I would very highly recommend the M-15 Heritage sale. Even though I went on the second day, there were plenty of sales to visit (my car was packed!), the sellers had big sales with LOTS of stuff, and for the most part, the prices were really good. 

I would also recommend the Goodrich Flea Market. It's small but packs a lot of treasures with pretty good prices. I think I will take a trip to Goodrich again-maybe a couple times this summer. One of the sellers told me they hold auctions in the building too, so who knows, maybe I'll check out an auction there this summer!

I'll make sure to add the M-15 Heritage Sale to my list of sales to visit in 2013. Maybe next year I'll get to go on the first day, and maybe I'll be brave and venture off the main road to check out some more sales. I'll have to get a new GPS to do that though. The one I have keeps dying on my when I need it most! I think there is something wrong with the electrical system in my car and I don't think it gets enough juice so it dies. So far, it has come back on each time it just takes a couple of hours for it to come back on.


  1. A little grocery cart like that is HIGH on my wishslist but I never thought I would actually find one. Now, you give me hope! Excellent finds!

    1. Hi Shara!
      I wish I would have bought another one when I was there! She had 5 of them for sale. She wanted $15 each and I got it for $10. I was going to rush it to the booth, but it looks pretty cute with old linens in it right now. I might have to "foster" it for a while before I can get rid of it!!

  2. The punch bowl set is gorgeous! Hankies for a quarter each- you lucky girl! Fabulous finds.

    1. Hi JunkStuffTreasures!
      I found a punch bowl just like this one many years ago when a group of us from work raced out on our lunch break to hit a couple sales. One of my co-workers snatched it up before I could get to it though. She paid $4 for it and all these years later, I got the whole set for the same price!!