Friday, June 1, 2012

A Great Junkin Fix!

Today was a great day for sales and a much needed junkin fix! I decided to take a couple of hours this afternoon to check out some of the 104 sales in our local paper. I went to 4 different subs that were having sales, 2 estate sales and 4 or 5 garage sales. It was kind of overwhelming with so many to choose from. It was also very easy to drive past the many sales with all of the baby and kid stuff spilling out of the garages and down the driveways!

The first sale I went to was an estate sale, in a Centennial historic farm house. The prices were great, the selection was very was actually the second weekend! I totally missed the first weekend last weekend when I was at home breaking my back doing yard work. I was bummed that I missed it last weekend, but happy with what I got today.

 A Manhattan platter for fifty cents.

 Looks great with the quarter bowl I got a few weeks ago!

 Got this for the frame. When she crawled over furniture to get it off the wall for me and said it was a dollar, I felt like I couldn't say I didn't want it when I found out it was plastic.

 Marked Fostoria Studious on the back.

 I just love this funky retro daisy mirror!

 This will be great for hanging hankies in the booth!

Reuseable wipe off placemats still in the box! 

An old laundry cart. The woman running the sale said her mother used to work in a laundry mat and brought this home many years ago.

Kevin also bought a section of railroad track for a dollar while we were at this sale. Total spent...$7.50!!

Then I went to the first sub sale. I only got out of the car twice throughout the whole sub and only went to 3 sales in the entire sub.

 Cute table/dresser runner.

 Fire King cottage cheese bowl.

Excellent vintage tablecloth with purples!

Then everything started running together...
 Doll cradle that needs a mattress.

 Sweet little 70's dolly stroller-I had one of these when I was was only $1.

 Vintage vanity bench.

 The woman at this sale said she used this pot for many years to bowl eggs. She said you get better boiled eggs with a white pot that you do the darker ones.

 This one is staying with me! LOVE it!!!

 Carnival glass candy dish for fifteen cents! The two women at this sale said they couldn't believe the number of people who picked this dish up and put it back-especially with the fifteen cents sticker!!

 I LOVE this vintage might need some time to rest at my house before I eventually take it to the booth. It will look great in the new spare room!

 Two packages of foam chair padding for $1-never know when I might need it!

 Vintage folding wooden bed tray. When I walked up to this sale, another woman had this in her hands looking it over. She put it down and walked a couple steps away. I grabbed it and offered them $3 (it was marked $5) and the lady said sure! The woman who originally was thinking about buying it, sighed and then showed me how to fold it up and said she collects them and has them all over her house-one is even under her bed.
I kind of felt bad for swooping in and grabbing it, but she put it down and walked to the next table when I grabbed it. It wasn't like I ripped it out of her hands.

I got a LOT of stuff and paid very little for it all. I'm thrilled with my finds today and my adventure!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a few things that I haven't had time to blog about. Unfortunately, two tables that I got are already at the booth, so I can't show you, but here is the rest...
 Ten cents!

 The hanging board is painted with chalkboard paint and was used by a teacher in her classroom. I'm not sure I can part with this just yet!

 I've never seen a wire teapot before!

 Kevin got these to put on the floor in his barn in spots he stands in a lot when using his woodworking tools. All four were seventy five cents/

 A dehumidifier for our basement-we bought it from a church group raising money for a mission trip to Africa. It works GREAT!!

 My heart skipped a beat when I saw this! I've NEVER seen one outside of an antique mall. It wasn't priced so when I asked, and she said $3...I just about did a happy dance right there in the driveway!!

 Then she showed me the chip and small crack. You can barely see it when the lid is screwed on. The mechanism still works and it looks great on display...what do you think? Would you have bought it knowing about the chip? I think it was worth the three dollars...what do you think??

That's it, I didn't get to any sales at all last weekend-too much yard work. I am happy to report that after about another 2-3 hours it should all be done! Whew! Then we start with power washing the deck, and cleaning the inside of the house-fun stuff! So I may be a bit scarce for a couple of weeks again.

Tomorrow and Sunday I am taking a break from house and yard work and I am going junking!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! Tomorrow is the Midland Antiques Festival in Midland, Michigan at the fair grounds. 80 acres and over 1000 vendors-too bad there is a 40 percent chance of rain!!! Normally I'd skip it with the rain, but it is the first one of the summer (there are only 3 dates each year), I am loading up my granny cart, some cheap disposable rain ponchos and a big umbrella and heading out with my friend Auntie.

Sunday is Greenmead Flea Market-this is only twice a year and Sunday is the first one. I will have to fly through because Sunday is also Baccalaureate and Eric is speaking!!! So I only have a 2 hour window to shop at Greenmead before I have to head home to change and get to the church. Plus my parents are coming in to town for the service-nothing like trying ti cram way too much into a weekend huh??

Hope you have a great weekend!!! If you're going to Midland, send me an email and I'll look for you to try to say hi!


  1. Wow ! You did great at those sales. I love to hit them as well. You always find a treasure or several!
    Happy hunting !

    1. Hi artistamyjo!
      Thanks for stopping!! I was very excited with all of my finds-especially since I wasn't really sure if I was going to go to any sales since I'm going to Midland tomorrow. In the end, the need for a junkin fix got the better of me and I had to try a few sales!!

  2. You've gotten some great treasures -- it looks like yesterday was a perfect shopping day to get off of work early!

    1. Hi Auntie!
      It WAS a fun day! I hope we have just as good of luck tomorrow at Midland!!!