Saturday, June 2, 2012


Today was the first day of the Michigan Antiques & Collectibles Festival at the Midland Fairgrounds and it was GREAT!!! We headed out at 7am and since we haven't been out junkin together in a while, my friend Auntie and I talked so much that the hour and a half drive felt like about 20 minutes! It was gray, cold and rainy while we were driving and when we first got there, but about half-way through, the sun started to pop out and then it stayed out.

Of course, I left my sunglasses in the car! I should have had them on the top of my head even if it was raining to keep my crazy hair out of my eyes with the crazy wind! I'm sure I probably was a scary sight walking around with wild hair.

It had rained really hard all day yesterday, so the grass was soaked! Some spots looked like they were just wet, but when you stepped, you sunk all the way up the sides of your shoes in water. My feet were a soggy mess. Hopefully the wind dried up some of the wetness for later shoppers and for tomorrow's shoppers.

I think we both got a bunch of fun stuff, but I think Auntie was the clear winner. She got a lot more than I did. I don't mind if I walk away with only a few things. I've been there before when all I've purchased was my giant bag of kettle corn, and I've been more than happy. I love the adventure just as much, if not more than buying stuff.

While we were there, just a little bit before we left, I got to meet one of my blog friends!! What a sweetie she is! I was thrilled that she was having a blast at the sale! It was her first time and she drove all the way from Windsor, Ontario!! I'm so glad we met, and now I have a face to put with a name! She got some wonderful treasures too! Who knows, maybe we'll end up at the same place again-that would be fun!

By the time we left, I was getting tired of being around so many people-sorry Marie if I was crabby! I just was tired from dodging people who just stopped dead in their tracks in the middle of an aisle or booth area and didn't think about all the other people trying to get around them. I was also tired of people cutting me off only to stop right in front of me too.

For the most part, the dealers were friendly, and willing to negotiate. I got everything for less than the sticker price except one thing, and I didn't even ask about a lower price because it was only $2.

Enough jabbering already-right?!? Here is what I got...

 I just couldn't resist these old photos!

 Hot air balloon Pyrex-kind of scuffed up, but I think I can get it clean.

 More hankies-I LOVE hankies!

 Got this bowl for $3-it is in mint condition!

 This was half off-just like the hot air balloon pyrex.

 This I paid full price for-don't you just love the aqua and pink together!?!

 This is a double bread box, very similar to the one I got at the end of the summer last year...that I wish I would have kept!!!

 My giant bag of kettle corn-YUM!

A set of 4 retro swirly tumblers.

But wait! That's not all!!! When I got home, I remembered an estate sale that I saw an advertisement for that was starting today just a few miles from home. The ad said the words "cheap" "priced to sell" and "many free  items", so you know I had to go-right?!? Kevin rode along with me, and he found another metal file cabinet...I think he's gotten 6 now so far this season-he's putting them in the barn and storing all of his power tools in them. 

I picked up some things too, I'm thrilled with what I got,m except I forgot to pick up a glass cutting board-I'll have to stop by there tomorrow on my way to Greenmead to see if they still have it. I am probably going to set a speed record tomorrow at Greenmead because I have to be back, cleaned up, dressed nice, and have my wild windblown hair under control by 1:30 so we can make it to Baccalaureate for Eric at 2.

So, if you're planning on going to Greenmead tomorrow, look for the blur of my red granny cart as it flies by! :)

Here are the things I got at the estate sale...
 Can you read the price sticker?? $2!!

 An old blanket-$1.

 Kevin actually found this--there might be hope for him yet as a junker!

 Still in the plastic wrap-$1.

Kevin also got a brand new, in the box, wall rack for hanging shovels, and such from this sale. What a FUN day!!!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! Nothing better than taking a road trip with a friend, especially to an Antique Show. Great finds.

  2. We had so much fun -- it was great to be out shopping with you again! I'll be posting the pics of my treasures tomorrow...

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. Love Midland too. It's always better with friends--I usually take hubby--he thinks just like me so it works well for us.