Sunday, June 3, 2012

Greenmead, Baccalaureate and a Beautiful Day!!

This morning was the long-awaited, highly anticipated Greenmead Flea Market!!! We left the house early because when I was at the estate sale yesterday (after Midland), I forgot something I paid for, so we stopped on the way to see if they still had it-and they did-Whew!!! So we ended up at Greenmead at 9:23 and it doesn't open until 10.

If you've been reading for a while, you probably know that I don't like to wait, and you probably know Kevin HATES to wait! Even though we were so early, the wait wasn't bad at all!! We got a front row parking spot-about 8 cars down from the front gate, and we stood in line behind a guy that had been collecting for more years than we've been alive. It was fun chatting with him-it sure made the time fly!!

While we were in line, we couldn't believe how long the line got! I've never seen it so long!! I think there were just as many people at Greenmead as there was at Midland and Greenmead is about a tenth of the size! It turned out to be a GORGEOUS day too. Perfect temperature for junkin!

Once we got in, there were actually people half running! One guy was mocking them...I just kept going in the direction I was headed and ignored the comments. I was on a limited time budget and needed to see all I could see in my 2 hour time frame. As it turned out, we were done and on the expressway headed for home at 11:39-only an hour and thirty nine minutes from when we entered the flea market!!

In that short amount of time, I was able to visit all the booths, and spend every dollar I had except for one! So it was definitely time to head for home!! Well, I guess I didn't spend it all...Kevin spent 1/4 of the money I brought on a flack jacket. Just like the one he wore when he was in the Navy-he is thrilled with it! I don't appreciate it as much as he does, but then he doesn't appreciate Pyrex or Fiesta like I do.

We raced home and had just enough time to freshen up and change and get to one of the local churches for the graduating class of 2012's Baccalaureate service. My parents came from the U.P., my aunt and uncle came and a friend from work (who has kind of adopted my boys as her own) came. What a GREAT service!!! Several graduating seniors and local pastors spoke, including my baby Eric!

Now on to what I turned out to be a linen kind of day today...I didn't realize I bought so many tablecloths until I got home. The best one was the last one, when I had to scrape together all of my leftover ones to come up with the amount. The lady wouldn't come down on it either-I'm so glad I had enough!!!

First purchase of the day...Harlequin teapot! It has seen its share of flea markets, there were 4 price stickers on it, starting at $50 and ending up at $10.

Here is Kevin's flack jacket he bought today, and the section of train track he bought on Friday...
We both had a blast today! Even though it was short and sweet, it was super fun!!

How was your weekend? I'm off to check out your blog to see what you've been doing this weekend!


  1. The fiesta is quite lovely! Congrats to Eric, my youngest graduated a couple of weeks ago!

  2. It WAS a beautiful day and a great day for Greenmead! You got some great things, especially the teapot and the paper roll. Good job!

  3. Watch out for those watermelon potholders - now that you found four, you will keep finding them. Trust me I know - I have over 60! Love all your finds this week!