Friday, June 8, 2012

Just...Say...N-O!...No...More...Golden Butterfly...

Last weekend when my friend Auntie and I went to Midland, we were talking in the car about the golden Butterfly pattern in Pyrex and how no one is buying it right now, and we both agreed that we were d-o-n-e with it. That was before I walked up to a sale and there sat a giant stack of them for a quarter each! Why couldn't I just say N-O? I already have a whole shelf in my booth loaded with it and now I bought another half shelf's worth. I guess if I get desperate for shelf space, I can always price it at $1 each and quadruple my money!

I only went out for about an hour this morning-too much to do to get the house ready for my parents coming in to town tonight. I loaded my car up in that short amount of time. Here is what I picked up...

 This one is the same as the biggest on above.

 The lady said she'd had this for over 40 years. 

 These three aprons are now a "what was I thinking?" 

 My very first chamber pot!! Been looking for a while-ever since I learned that chamber pots have one handle and soup tureens have two if you're ever at someone's house and they serve soup in a big one handled pot...I'd recommend you stick with the rolls!

 Four windows bracketed together-it's pretty big-even though it doesn't look it in the picture.

 Two folding teak bed trays.

 I see flowers popping out of this in the near future-great fifty cent price!

 When I first saw this, I thought it was a candle-it's actually a squeaky toy!

Cool retro plant stand.

Busy day tomorrow with the graduation ceremony! Hope you have a great weekend!!!


  1. I'm still laughing over your chamber pot comment. I will definitely stick to the rolls! Nice finds. I too would have snapped up the Pyrex.

  2. I can't believe you caved and bought more Butterfly Gold! You MUST really be addicted. Perhaps you can find a 12-step group for Junkers...if you do, let me know!

    Have a wonderful graduation tomorrow!

  3. If it wouldn't be so expensive to ship, I would totally buy some of that Pyrex from you! I could use it for myself. Glad you had fun at the festival!