Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sunshiny Thursday Sales...

I couldn't wait to get out of work today and hit some sales! I truly think I am addicted to the adrenaline rush of hunting for and finding junk treasures!! There were 128 sales in our local paper, and a good number of them were sub sales again this week. Those can be hit or miss-most of the time they are a miss, but once in a while you hit a sub sale with older houses, and older residents, and you get great things!!!

I went to a sub sale, and there were about 5 sales that weren't all baby/kids stuff, and I went to 4 other sales. One of the sales was a place that I'd been to for the past three years and have always gotten tons of great stuff really cheap. Unfortunately, this year seems to be the year that they ran out of vintage goodness...all they had was newer stuff! I was soooo bummed! This was the first time that I didn't buy a ton of stuff-in fact, I didn't buy anything.

In the past few years I picked up a lot of Girl Scout stuff and vintage magazines-tons of stuff at this sale. This magazines, no vintage Girl Scout stuff, no vintage salt and pepper shakers, no vintage Little Golden disappointing!!

There are a few houses that I anxiously wait for the Garage Sale sign to pop up on the yard, because they have great stuff. Do you have a few in your neighborhood that you wait and watch for? I also have a few that I avoid like the plague-I bet you have some of those as well. I hit another one of my favorites today and got some great stuff. I reminded them what I bought from them in the past and they laughed and were happy that I was back. I was happy to be back as well!

Since we planned a Girl's Night Out to celebrate one of our dearly loved co-worker's retirement, I only had a couple of hours for sales from the time I left until it was time to head to the dollar store to pick up a lei and some other flowers to deck her all out. I think she had a great time-at least I hope she did!! We're really going to miss her at work! I'm afraid I may have accidentally "outed" her retirement on facebook though! Right before I left, I posted a message and tagged her husband because she doesn't have facebook.

While we were at dinner, someone from our church posted one of those "WHAT?!?!" kind of comments-YIKES!!! I thought everyone knew...she's retiring 3 weeks from today!!! I guess I had better send an email apology to her quickly!!!

Here is what I picked up today...let's see if you can guess what I'll be keeping...

I am thinking about giving Eric the Doughboy cookie jar...when he was 2 he absolutely LOVED the doughboy! He even wanted his name changed to Doughboy! He went around poking people in the belly button until they said "hoo hoo".

Did you figure out what I am keeping???

...the amethyst sugar bowl, the rose pot holders, and maybe the white and red enamel covered cake plate (I've never seen one of these before-have you?) I'll probably also keep the drying rack, it isn't very sturdy and it is missing one of the bars.

Some good news...we had a really sick little puppy on Tuesday (that's the bad news). She had a bacterial intestinal infection from eating something she shouldn't have. She was dehydrated and wouldn't eat. After some iv fluids, an anti nausea shot and some antibiotics, she is finally almost 100%-WHEW!!! What a relief!

We've got some busy days parents are coming tomorrow for Eric's graduation on Saturday, I'm helping a friend from work with her daughter's grad party on the 16th, Eric leaves on his mission trip on the 17th, he returns on the 23rd and his grad party is the 24th-then it's vacation time-whew!! Hopefully I'll have a few minutes to catch up on your blogs in between the busy-ness!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I know what you mean about the hunt, i look forward to garage saleing so much every week that i start looking at craigslist on mondays. I am very jealous that you have so many sales in your area.
    I love seeing what you find each week. I love that doughboy cookie jar, my aunt collects anything doughboy, so i always buy any doughboy stuff i find.

    1. Hi Wendy!
      Thanks for stopping by! It's nice to ehar from you! I LOVE watching the number of ads in the paper increase each week in the summer! It's always a sad thing though, when they start to go the other way when summer is winding down!

  2. Love all your finds! Have a terrific weekend- so busy!!