Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer 2012 Wishlist...

Every year at the beginning of summer, I like to post my treasure hunting wishlist. I'm a little behind on getting it posted because I've been busy with high school graduation stuff. I've finally had some time to pull it together, and here it is:

Orchard Ladder-preferably an old one with lots of character.

 Pink Striped Pyrex 403.

Blue Stripe Pyrex bowl set.

Vintage Fiesta Mixing bowls- a #5, 2 #6's, and 2#7's-any colors.

Vintage yard sticks.

Vintage Egg Scale.

Turquoise Harlequin Service Pitcher.

Other things I'll be looking for...

Quilts-especially yo yo and grandma's garden
Fire King red dot splash proof bowls in the 2 largest sizes
Fire King Tulip splash proof bowls in the 3 smaller sizes
Fainting Couch
Old dresser or chest with wood framed mirror-attached
Dark purple old canning jars
Federal Mod Flower bowl set.

Of course there is always the thing I don't know about yet that might just strike my fancy!! How about you? What will you be looking for this summer? Maybe we can keep our eyes out for each other's wishlist items!!

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