Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wonderful Junk Day!

I got off work a little early today...but I have to go back tonight for a couple of hours. That's o.k.--I'd rather have a couple of hours off earlier in the day to hit some sales-especially on such a gorgeous day!!! My car is in the shop getting fixed. Something with the fuel injector, steering column and a nail in a tire (I swear I am a nail magnet!). So my youngest son got the pleasure short straw and had to drive me to work today.

He has a small pick-up truck so it worked out perfectly as a junkin vehicle! We went to a few sales and we returned 725 empty soda cans. What a nasty, sticky job!! We sell soda at cost during our church youth group meetings, and we sell a lot, but no one will take the cans back. I take them back when I get tired of seeing bags of them piled all over the place. I keep hoping that some day, someone will decide to do a good deed for the day and take them back (or the empty soda can fairy will show up) -no such luck! I guess the bright side is that I get paid to stand and feed empty soda cans into the re-cycler-even if I can't get that smell out of my nostrils and I feel sticky all over still!

There were only 100 sales in our local paper today, down a bit from last week. There looks to be about 12 throughout the whole weekend that are advertising the kinds of things I look for-so it really narrowed down from the original listing! We went to a couple of church sales that were pretty picked over a sub sale and a couple individual sales. I found some great things. I even got 2 hammers for $2 to send with Eric on his mission trip and a brand new fleece blanket (also a request for the mission trip) for $2. I saw lots of interesting stuff today-most of it very over-priced, at least for me it was.

Tomorrow I'll have a really small window of time to shop for treasures before I head over to my co-worker's house to help prep stuff for her daughter's grad party on Saturday. Then Saturday I'll probably have only an hour to try to find sales before I go back to set up and run the party for her. If you're a praying person and you think of her, her name is Linda and she's battling breast cancer. She is half-way through her chemo treatments and they are really wearing her out! I know she would appreciate all the prayers we can lift up on her behalf!!

Next week I got a bonus day off! I found out I have one extra vacation day left that if I don't use it by June 30th, I will lose it-so my boss told me to take Thursday off!! One extra day to get ready for our own grad party-YAY!!! Plus it adds in another day on my vacation-more yay!!!

Is it just me, or does it seem that things are starting to go for higher amounts on Ebay lately? I've been trying to finish up some of my collections with the one wayward piece here and there, and I am outbid every time and the items seem to go for way more than they were last year at this time...have you noticed this too, or am I just being too cheap? Good thing I have garage sales for a few months!!!

Here are the things I picked up today...

 Three plastic Adirondack chairs--fifty cents each!!! They will be PERFECT for the volleyball court! Do you know how hard it is to take photos when you have a dog who is a camera hog? I love my Maddie!

 Old cane chair-$2.

 Doll chair.

 Stained glass angel-$1...wayyyy too much time and effort for this to only be a dollar!!!

 Retro metal tray.

 You know I can never pass these hot pads up-especially at 10 cents!

 Three pieces of green glassware.

 Retro Campbell's bowl.

 Could this be Russell Wright?? For ten cents!!

  Seventy five cent tea pot!

 Funky retro ice bucket!

 I've seen things like this on other blogs that have been sprayed hot pink-might try it!!

 Tin beer signs.

 LOVE this! Might be spending a few months in the foster system!

Just a little creepy-don't you think??

I also picked up 2 Harlequin nut cups for ten cents each!!! I was doing the happy dance all the way to the car when I got those!!! I also got a few vintage crocheted hotpads, a vintage tablecloth, some old licquor decanters and two small and one larger Pyrex Butterprint fridgies! It was a fun day for finds!!!   Well...I'm heading back to work now, hope you have a great night!!! I'm starting to wind down and I'm getting tired...maybe I'll just sleep in the next couple of days and skip the sales...

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  1. That is a lot of great stuff. I'm so jealous that you have 100 sales in your area, I think I we only have about 12 advertised here (which is kind of unusual) and I don't think any of them have the kind of stuff I like. Praying for your friend Linda.