Monday, December 10, 2012

A Quarter? Ok, I'll take it for a quarter...

On Friday, I went to a family run estate sale that was just a few miles from my house. My youngest son, Eric went with me. We were also going to shop for new shoes for him and get some groceries.

The sale wasn't supposed to start until 10am, but when we got there at 9:47 the driveway was packed with cars and not a person in sight-they were all inside! Since the weather was crummy, I didn't mind one bit not having to wait in it. I wasn't even disappointed that others got in before me-I was just happy to be spending the day with Eric!

As soon as I walked in the door, I saw a cabinet piled up with baking items and in the midst, was this Texasware bowl. It had a sticker that said "25". There wasn't a dollar sign or a cent sign and I was thinking it was more than likely dollars, but I asked anyway. I was very pleasantly surprised that it was only a quarter!!

It was interesting walking through this house. The items were marked by sentimental value (I think), more than actual value. Some items were so ridiculously high and others were ridiculously low and not much was in between.

One item was marked $25 and an older man brought it to one of the workers (the granddaughter of the estate) and offered her $5. It was within the first half hour of the first day!! To me, that was kind of insulting. What do you think? I think that particular item was priced very fairly and $25 was a good deal. I felt like he was trying to take advantage of them. She was holding her ground when I left, but it was pretty chaotic and not very well organized so he very well could have walked out with it and they wouldn't have known until later that night.

Their biggest mistake was not having one check-out location/person. When I was ready to pay, the lady inside was busy in a bedroom and told me I could pay the girl in the garage or the guy in the barn. the guy in the barn wasn't even on the premises anymore and the girl in the garage was dealing with the both the barn people and the garage people.

I could have just walked to my car with my stuff and no one would have known if I paid or not! I sure hope no one did that to them!!

I picked up a couple of old ironstone chamber pots in the basement and the daughter down there told me how they used to use them when they were kids "out at the farm" and I think that is why she priced them so high-emotional attachment.

Eric saw me eyeing them and quickly said-"EWWW! don't touch them-they only have one handle!" I cracked up! He does actually listen! I told him a while ago that if he's ever at someone's house for dinner and they are serving soup and the the tureen only has one handle, that he should fill up on bread-because it's not a soup tureen, but a chamber pot!!

They were very filthy-looked like they didn't get washed very well after the last use, so it wasn't very hard to walk away-especially with the price being higher than an antique store price.

Here are the other items I picked up...I also got a couple of old yardsticks, but shoved them into the closet in the spare room before I got a snap of them.

 This is a chamber pot too, but it is just mud...I think.

On Saturday, Kevin and I went to a couple of sales, one was 2 miles from my house. It was run by a new estate sale company and their prices were pretty high, so we didn't stay very long. We went to a second one in our same town but down a long stretch of muddy slippery road. We saw a lady who had slid off the road and into some trees, her airbag went off, but she seemed ok and she had other people who had come out of their houses to help her.

This sale was really a moving sale, throughout the entire house. Their prices were really high as well...on everything but this Bible. All leather, in the original box-original price $64.99. I paid $2.

The next stop was a craft show at a local Christian school. A few friends from church had mentioned they were going to have tables of stuff there, so we went to check them out. I picked up a couple of gorgeous scarfs from my friend Cindy. She made a ton of them and all of her proceeds were going to be donated to Love Inc.

We came home and I got busy mixing up all kinds of cookie dough for all of the various Christmas cookies I bake every year. I like to stretch it out and mix them up on one day, refrigerate the dough over-night and bake them the next day. So after church and loading a bunch of stuff into the booth on Sunday, I baked for about 4 hours.

 The chocolate didn't set up right on the peanut butter cups...Kevin had to help me because it was hardening wayy too fast! His idea of more is best didn't work out so well, and made for sloppy peanut butter cups...they taste great even though they look bad!
 Molasses cookies!
 A twist on peanut butter blossoms-a green M&M smooshed in the middle of the warm kiss!

 Double Treat cookies-peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips and peanuts!


Cut out cookies decorated by an impatient 18 year old! They still taste great!

I still have  pretzel things and caramel corn to make, but that will go quickly-I hope! After my volleyball games last week on Wednesday, my knee has been bothering me. Slightly swollen, and achy. Last night it was over two times bigger than my right knee and hurting something fierce-even with ibuprofen and ice for over an hour! I went to urgent care and the doctor said it would need to be drained, otherwise it would take 6 months to a year for the fluid to go away!

He wasn't skilled in that area and referred me to his colleague in the next town for today at 3:00. I've made an appointment with my regular Dr's office (not my regular doctor), for 11:45. The swelling has gone down by half and the pain is about half-I almost feel like I could play tonight...almost. I'm nervous about what they are going to say (or do!).

We re-visited the estate sale that was 2 miles away after church on Sunday and everything was half off. I got this bench for less than half off. I made her an offer that I guess she couldn't refuse! I just missed a really neat trunk for $17...just what I didn't need...another trunk!

I also picked these up-hoping to read them while I am off between Christmas and New Year's.

Well...I'm off to see what the doctor says...hopefully no needles...hopefully it will heal quickly-I've got play-offs next week!! :)

Please keep praying for my blog friend Shara's mom for quick healing!!

I might have a slight miniscus tear...I have a MRI appointment on Thursday at 11pm (yes-it does say pm...crazy huh?) to find out for sure. I'm almost thinking of not going...the swelling has gone down considerably as well as the pain has gone to about a 2 on a scale of 1-10...(yesterday it was about a 15!) I did skip vball tonight, but am thinking I might buy a knee brace to wear under my knee pad and try it on Wednesday...I'm scheduled to start PT as well to strengthen the muscles so it doesn't happen again. I don't have time to go to PT or to be out of commission right now!

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