Friday, December 14, 2012

Bright Sunshiny Day.....

I survived my MRI last night! I did take one of the Valiums that my doctor prescribed, just because I was worried I'd have problems with claustrophobia. My upper torso and head were totally out of the machine so it wasn't bad at all! REALLY loud, but not uncomfortable at all-I actually almost fell asleep!

It was crazy for me to schedule my first PT appointment at 8 am today after the MRI at 11 pm last night! We didn't get home until after midnight-so it felt like I just fell asleep and the alarm was blaring for me to get up again!

After PT, Eric and I went out to one advertised estate sale that was just a few miles from home. It ended up being a VERY tiny garage sale. Two card tables of stuff, and a few odds and ends on the garage floor. I got this sewing machine---not sure if I should have gotten it or walked away...I don't know anything about them, and I don't sew. I'm hoping I can at least get what I paid for it, or a little more, but I'm not sure. It came with the spools.

I also got this little doll carriage. I don't know if it is old or not, but I liked it, and I really liked the price. I'll give it a try-someone is bound to like it-hopefully!

When we left, we kept going west, rather than head back east because we decided we were going to grab some lunch. We drove about 1 mile and we saw signs for an estate sale!!! It wasn't even listed on any of the sites I usually check!! It was a pretty stinky house-the company running the sale had candles lit in most of the rooms to mask the smell. It seemed to be a clean, sparse house, just a bad body odor smell. I only bought a cotton feedsack bag.

We made a quick stop at the SA and I got two old Shiny Brite ornaments for half off-woo hoo!! Then we stopped at a little BBQ trailer that has been parked at a local gas station for a few weeks. Every time I drive by, I can see they are smoking the meat-and the smell is amazing!!!

Definitely had the wrong setting on the camera!

I wasn't impressed-neither was Eric. We each got a pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw on it, and we each got an order of mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was obviously homemade, but it was kind of bland and you could taste the flour from the rue. The sandwich was so loaded with sauce, you couldn't taste the smoked meat or the cole slaw! You could feel the crunch of the cole slaw and feel the coldness of it, but all you could taste was the sauce.

Oh, least we tried it, and now we know! My favorite BBQ place is still Chris's Boogie Woogie BBQ in Hamburg-although I've heard there is a new place in town that is good...We'll try that one another day!

Tomorrow is the BIG Christmas party for Kevin's work. I always get nervous when I have to hang out with his co-workers! I'm afraid I'll say of do something stupid-or embarrass him. We are meeting at the Quarter Bistro in Ann Arbor for dinner, then we are all going to the black-tie party hosted by the anesthesia department.

A friend gave me an outfit to wear-which was VERY kind, generous and is big on me and drapey and looks like something for someone with different coloring. I was picturing something a little more fitted to show off my weight loss...Yes, Marie...I still haven't figured out how to tell her I'm not wearing her outfit-I'm such a chicken! :)

The sleeves bell out at the bottom to a full foot wide, and the skirt is a long black velvet skirt. 

The dress I bought was only $30 at Dress Barn, so it was a super deal-that price included the hosiery too! I'm looking forward to dressing up...just worried about looking/talking/acting stupid among his co-workers.

Today was a beautiful, bright, sunshiny day...until I got home and saw the heart is breaking for the families!! Why do people who are angry or disturbed go out after random innocent people like that? It is so sad, I can't even imagine the grief - my thoughts and prayers are going out for them all!!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by to see me! I am so behind on my visits. love the ornaments!
    So hate the thought of having a MRI,hope you are doing well.