Saturday, December 29, 2012

Unexpected Treasures!

On Christmas Day, my parents packed up and headed for home around 1:00 (my mom caught some stomach bug and looked awful), and soon after that, we headed to Kevin's sister's house for Christmas dinner. Her house is always in perfect shape-nothing is ever out of place, and she is a very thoughtful hostess. We had a really nice time visiting with them

They were serving a homemade version of Sangria that I really liked. I'm not a big drinker-I can't even remember the last drink I had, but for some reason this tasted really good to me, so the next day I took a road trip to Trader Joe's for some "Two Buck Chuck"-the main ingredient in this Sangria.

The forecasters were calling for snow to start around noon and to dump as much at 6-10 inches, if it hit just right, so I was in a little bit of a hurry to get there and get back before it got bad. I ended up spending way more time in Trader Joe's than I had planned-I love that store! I wish they weren't so far away!!

I decided that since they were so far away, that I'd just buy a case of the "Two Buck Chuck" (even though it's $2.99 now). While I was there, I remembered the fresh pizza dough I had bought there a few years back and went to see if I could still get some. As I'm bending over to look at it, I felt something/someone brush up against my leg/butt!!! I jumped!! No worries-it was a little guy, probably about 3 who mistook me for his mom-whew!!! That was weird!!

When I left, it was starting to lightly snow-who knew the Michigan forecasters could be so on top of the forecast!?!? The snow wasn't going to keep me from making one last stop before heading for home...I'm sure you know by now that every time I go to Ann Arbor, I just HAVE to stop at Treasuremart!!! I was really bummed to see my secret-side road-parking-spot was filled! Not so secret anymore I guess!

I almost heard the hallelujah chorus in my head when I pulled into their teeny, tiny parking lot and found 3 open spots!!! Woo hoo!! I wandered around for a while before making my way to the basement and to the quilts. I ALWAYS have to check out the quilts when I am there. Usually, the prices are too high and I just sigh, and run my hand over the stitches and walk away.

That day, I couldn't believe my eyes! A machine and hand-sewn quilt with 2 shams in my super-cheap price range?!? Plus it was going to be another 10% off because it was there over 30 days!! YAYYYY! I kept skimming through the rack, hoping to find another one...and I did, but it isn't handmade. It's mass produced, but I liked the weight and feel of it and the colors will go nicely with my other quilts-plus it was only $20! It too had been there for a while-3 months, so it was 30% off.

When I left, the snow was really coming down and the traffic was starting to snarl up. I had a bright idea of getting off the expressway (where I was driving 45-50 mph), and taking a side road that I thought would be less crowded. I ended up driving an average of 5 mph! It took over 30 minutes to get home from picking up a prescription at Walgreen's...a trip that usually takes 5 minutes!

Once I got home, of course, I couldn't get up the hill of our driveway! I had tried it 5 or 6 times when Eric pulled in from work and told me to go inside and he'd get my car in the garage for me-what a sweet kid! He's gonna make a great husband some day!!! It took him another 20 minutes, a shovel and some ice-melt stuff, but he got it in the garage!

That night, we all got packed and ready to take off early the next morning for my parent's house in the U.P., but as things go, I ended up with a rotten stomach bug that hit me about 6 in the morning. Kevin and Eric, didn't even hesitate-they just loaded up and took off. They were each on a mission of their own-Kevin to try out his new super-lightweight backpack in the woods, and Eric to get to some ice fishing!

I was flat out in bed all day yesterday, I haven't been that sick in a long time! Today, is a little better, I've showered and gotten dressed, and have sprawled on the couch for the day. I'm not having any more "issues" but man! My stomach feels like there are a million little nails in it! I've kept down a banana and some toast, but sure don't feel like eating anything.

My mom is back to normal, but now my dad has it. I hope Kevin doesn't get it-my dad dropped him off in the woods early this morning to hike and camp out-to try out his new gear. Wouldn't that be awful to get a stomach bug out in the middle of no where!?! Especially when all you feel like doing is lying down and sleeping! Even more so, when it is supposed to only get up into the 20's there today!! I sure don't get his passion for hiking-especially in this weather!!

My girls have been bored without anyone to play with them. Yesterday, they were awesome! They curled up in my room, one on the bed, one on the floor and kept me company. Today...they decided to murder their new Christmas toy and leave a crime scene all over the sun room floor. By the size of the mess, I'd say they had a fun time! Too bad my head and stomach still hurt too much to bend over and pick it up!

I had one package come in the mail-that I totally forgot about bidding on, until I got the "you won" notification. I'm still looking for this in the pink and white (403 is all I need), but have decided to try to collect a set in the yellow/white and blue/white now as well.

I'm feeling the itch to get out and look for some junk-the other day just wasn't long enough, but I'm feeling just yucky enough to keep me home. Sitting up and driving would be fine, the walking around-not so much. I guess it's good that I'm home since it is snowing again and they are predicting another couple of inches. I think we've already beat the whole snowfall total for the entire winter last year-at least at our house it seems that way!

The "Sangria" recipe is just Sangria mixed with some diet Sprite with slices of lemon, orange, lime, fresh pineapple & juice and whatever other fruit you want to toss in. I made a HUGE pitcher of it and only had a glass but it looks like Adam found it, because the pitcher is now half gone! I suppose if I were a seasoned drinker, it would seem like fruit punch...but for me it is great!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you don't get this yucky stomach bug!

Here are some gifts from a couple of dear friends...

Two vintage tablecloths from my friend Bonnie from volleyball! 

a handmade candle from my friend Vickie -it is about half gone now!

My guys surprised me with some new lenses and filters and a white box and backrgounds for my camera...I was told, "Now you don't have any excuses---get busy selling your junk online too!" So, I am sure I'll be torturing you with all of my experiments in the coming months!


  1. Hope you are feeling better. Lov Trader Joe's but soooooo far from Traverse City! Especially when winter weather sets in.
    Happy New Year........Hugs

    1. Hi Amy!!
      Thanks! I am glad to be back among the healthy again-that's for sure!! I'll bet you get a TJ in Traverse soon... :)

  2. Love the quilts - hate that you had the stomach bug! Glad you are feeling better, too!

    1. Hi Lynn!
      Thanks! I'm glad I'm back to normal too-being sick is no fun at all!