Sunday, August 4, 2013

All Set for August!

Today had to have been a new record. I only took 5 things to the booth! I've taken 5 bins full of stuff before, but never so few items-especially not on dealer day! The things I took filled up the back of my car and the booth though.

I tidied everything up, rearranged and organized. I counted 32 half aprons!! I only brought home a couple of items. I think I will put them on Craig's list because they have been in the booth for a long time and no one has bought them. I guess there isn't a market for black Fiesta coffee pots, tea pots and vegetable bowls.  I never dreamed they wouldn't sell-I guess the right buyer just hasn't come along yet.

Here's the booth all set up for the month of August...

Did you notice something that didn't belong in the first few shots? Look on the black table on the right front plate of food! Every Dealer Day, our antique mall owners put out a buffet for the dealers who come to fill and organize their booths. I grabbed a plate and took a couple bites and set it down and forgot about it!

I finished up the whole booth, vacuumed, packed up my stuff to go home, took pictures, took my stuff to my car and came back in to walk through to see what everyone had added, and when we walked by my booth, Kevin saw the plate before I did. OOPS!!!

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