Friday, August 2, 2013

Junk Therapy...

What do you do when you are stressed? Worn out? Need to rejuvenate? My favorite thing to do is hit the road to either go to some sales, or wander mindlessly through an antique mall or shop. I can't explain why it does the trick, I just know it helps to slow down my spinning mind, and helps me to take a deep breath and it also takes my mind off of whatever is going on that has caused the stress or frustration. Now, if I could just have a piece of sourdough toast while I am junking, it would be pure heaven!

Do you have a favorite comfort food? Mine is sourdough toast! My guys all laugh at me-they can't understand how hard toast can be a comfort. I don't really get it myself, I just know that after a long, tough day at work, a warm, buttery piece of sourdough toast makes everything alright again! Weird-huh? I know!

Yesterday after work, and this morning- after a late start, I went out to a few sales and just wandered around and soaked in everything there was to see. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not looking for plates or silverware anymore for the wedding, because right away my mind starts into the mode of looking for them.

I saw all kinds of fun things. I even bought a few things. I am noticing that I am having a hard time getting rid of some things that I have bought to sell!! Do you have that problem? Or is it just me? If it is run of the mill, easy to find stuff, it goes off to the booth right away. If it is something different, rare, hard to find...I've been setting it aside and pondering whether or not to keep it. Is this how hoarding starts?

Some things I think I'd like to get rid of, but when I think about how I've only ever found one in all the years, I've been treasure hunting at sales, it makes me pause and reconsider that I might not ever find another one and that I might regret getting rid of it. Do you do this too? Or am I losing it?

Here is what I picked up the past two days...what do you think I am having the hardest time getting rid of?

 Hand stitched older quilt. 

 Glove form size 7.

 Free box ornament-normally I wouldn't have grabbed it, but it reminded me of my grandma. With my Uncle's memorial service on Wednesday, I've been in a remembering mode...remembering all the loved ones we've lost in the last two years.

 I hope to use the old knives for hooks, and I do plan to use the mini muffin tins.

 These were both calling me, and both pretty cheap.

 Church rummage sale, fabric bundle-if the pieces were bigger, I could have seen valances for the sunroom!

 A quarter for the basket!

 The widest piece is 16 inches the rest between 15 and 8 inches by 45 inches.

 Fifteen plates and 17 cups.

 Paint by number-it was in a frame with glass, but bringing it in from the car to the house it cracked!

 Glasbake sauce cups-twenty cents each!

 Glass odds and ends.

 Grungy old Santa -quarter!

 Flo blue plates!!!

 Milk glass hat/vase/dish.

 Reproduction map from the Alamo-it was a quarter-gonna try to make a lampshade out of it.

 Fifty cent oil lamp.

 Last insulator-the shelf is full!

A pair of glass, girly lamps-one has a dirty ruffle.

I think I need to keep the flo blue plates-but I have no where to put them! They don't match anything in my house...but I LOVE them!!!

I'm heading over to see what you've been finding!! See you soon!!

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  1. I think I could have written this post myself, junking always soothes the soul and I always find great things that I intend to sell but end up becoming a part of my "I'll never find another one of these so I must keep" pile. Looks like a great haul and the glove mold is fabulous, I hope I run across one some day!