Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back up a few days...

Last Thursday after work, I went to a sale in a church parking lot, where people rent space and set up their tables and sell their stuff. From the ad, I was expecting a full parking lot. When I got there, I'd say there were only 10-12 vendors and not very many shoppers (maybe 5 or 6 including me).

There was a wide range of things for sale, from baby and kids toys, vintage items, handmade items, produce and newer items. I picked up a basket of beautiful and amazing tomatoes, a copper bundt pan (for a project I have in mind) some little individual casseroles with lids a picnic basket and a package of brand new outdoor tablecloth weights-for quarter-that I actually used today when we had a group of family and friends over for a summer potluck!

After I left the church sale, I just stopped at random sales all the way home. The first sale I went to looked to be pretty much all "guy" stuff and just as I was getting ready to leave, I spotted a big box on the floor full of deer antlers. The box was marked "FREE"! Immediately I thought of my son's friend who makes pens, and thought maybe he'd like some to make pens out of. Then I thought about my parents, who's house is rustic-and they might want them for cabinet handles, or something.

So I told the guy I'd take them! He was happy, he said he figured some crafty person would come along and take them. As I gingerly folded the flaps in and bent to pick up the box, He assured me it was taped on the bottom and the box was sturdy, I told him I wasn't worried about the box, I was worried that when I put my hands through the handles that I was going to touch them. Ha!

He laughed at me and reminded me that they were dead. I told him I knew that, but they were still gross! He got a good chuckle out of it, and I managed to balance them so that I only had to slightly touch them as I practically jogged back to the car.

I stopped at a little antique mall on my route home, but didn't find anything, and I hit 3 more sales on the way home. At one sale, I picked up a couple of white kitchen cabinets for $5. I plan to router out the center of the larger cabinet and put in a piece of glass, add a lock and take it to the booth for some of my smaller stuff that should be locked up. I couldn't leave the small cabinet, because the man threw it in for $1. I figure Kevin can use it in his garage or pole barn for storing stuff and it was only $1.

I also picked up some wire baskets that were pretty big for only fifty cents each-no idea what I'm going to do with them just yet, but I'm sure something will come up that they will be perfect for!

The last sale was the best sale-not that it had the most stuff or the best stuff-it had just that one item that made my heart beat a little faster... I got a very cool chamber pot with a lid-no chips intricate detail, very pretty-and I LOVE it! No stains either! I put it in the middle of the table in the sun room and my youngest son told me it was just wrong to put a toilet on the table like that. It is spotless-no stains, no wear-maybe it wasn't ever used (that's what I'm believing!).

Hope you had good luck at sales this weekend!! I'm heading over to visit and see what you've found!!


  1. Wire basket .... hanging lamp, seems to be the rage lately. Great scores

    Unused Chamber Pot, yup, that's her story and she's stickin' to it. LOL

  2. I love finding things at random sales I find along the way. I believe that is the true way to treasure hunt!


  3. Those deer antlers were a good find....I could use some of those for my "Mantiques" booth in Howell!