Thursday, October 17, 2013

All set for October--part 2

I really love that the owners of our antique mall have a wonderful system that you can log into every night after 8 pm to view your sales for the day. You don't have to keep driving up there to see what has sold or worse yet wait a month to find out you sold a big piece of furniture and have had a gaping hole and glassware all over the floor for three weeks.

I found out on Saturday that I had sold a table and two chairs, so Sunday after church, I loaded up a couple of dressers from the barn and took them over. I didn't paint them, I bought them and took them over as-is. I really like them both, but we don't have room and we don't need any more dressers.

So, here is what it looked like when I left Sunday afternoon...

As you can see, other than the table and chairs, not much has changed since Dealer Day...a few smalls have sold, but not much. Sometimes I wonder if store sales are such a good thing after all. Usually it is slow for a while after the sale, and during the sale, you end up losing money because of the I think all of the gorgeous weather has been keeping people away.

When we were there on Sunday some neighboring dealers were talking to us about how slow their sales have been. I think they are about ready to do a rain dance to get more shoppers in to the mall!

How are your sales doing this month? Hope you are having a better month than I am!!

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  1. I love the way your booth looks! I would shop there in a heartbeat!

    I wish we would have antique malls in Quebec so I could have a cool booth like yours

    Thanks for sharing :)