Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lovely Freebies! One Man's Junk...

Thursday evening I got a huge surprise from my cousin. She was waiting in the driveway at her sister's house for me to arrive for our Bible study. She had, what she called junk in the back of her car, and thought I might want it, or know someone who would want it. She kept apologizing and telling me if I didn't want it, I could just toss it in a dumpster somewhere, or just leave it and she'd toss it!

Her mother-in-law keeps cleaning out some of her treasures (or junk according to my cousin and her husband), and giving them to her son and my cousin because she can't stand the idea of tossing them, doesn't want to try to sell them, but she doesn't want them any more either.

They have picked a few things out here and there and sold them online, but for the most part, they think it's junk and should be tossed out. Lucky me!!! In addition to the items below, I also was given a bed warming stone, and an older washboard.

Tools usually aren't my thing but I must say I've been having a lot of fun discovering what things are! I've even gotten a few people at work guessing. One thing that was really puzzling ended up being an ice scraper from 1843 for shaved ice, and another thing was a Victorian gas streetlight lighter!

See the note on the plate in the last picture? Sell it! Toss it! That is a note from my cousin;s mother in law. It really does show that one man's junk is another man's treasure! Kevin loves all of the tools and is planning to "foster" them in his barn for a while-LOL!

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