Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ready for October!

It was Dealer Day again at my Antique Mall. I loaded in a TON of stuff and shuffled things around, dusted, vacuumed, straightened, and fluffed things up a bit. A LOT of work in a couple of hours!! We got a late start today because church ran over about 15 minutes, so I really felt the crunch to get it all in and set up. Next month I plan to rearrange some shelves and mark some older stuff down to move it out to make room for more stuff.

I need to do some serious selling. My stock is over-running its confines in the spare bedroom, basement, garage and barn! I'm afraid my guys are getting antsy to have a huge bonfire-kidding...kind of! They've threatened it, but they also threatened to use my Fiesta as skeet.

I was really disappointed to see that at least 8 of my hankies disappeared without being sold last month. I was just telling Auntie on Friday that my hanky sales have slowed down considerably the past month---now I know why-they are walking out in someone's purse or pocket!

This is what it looked like when I left...


  1. Bummer about the hankies! I should keep track of my things. I'm sure things have walked away! Always fun to see your booth changes. Sweet poodle box!

  2. Your mall space looks great - what a lot of organizing you've done. I have mall space and I was over working on my booths today. Love seeing your booth, great lighting too.