Friday, September 19, 2014

End of the Summer Sales Might be The Best Sales of the Year!

After work yesterday, Mr. and I hopped in the car and headed to a few local garage sales. We both had fun hunting for treasures. He got a bunch of old tools and I got some things I love. It was the day for hidden treasures and super low prices!

One sale I went to had a stack of HLCC souvinir plates, the kind you get when you do the factory tour.When I saw them, I got excited, thinking that maybe someone was a fiesta fanatic, so I asked the guy running the sale. He didn't even know they were in the sale. He said his son got them in a box lot at an auction. As we were pulling out, he and his son were looking at them and talking-I wonder if they think they are more valuable now, and listed them online, or if they lowered the $2 each price since they were a freebie to begin with.

 I almost couldn't keep a poker face when I was told that this was only a quarter!!

 SO much work went into this bottle cap trivet...such a shame that I got it for a quarter!! I've never seen one with so much extra detail-love the little flowers!!!

Total spent: $3.10-Great weather, great treasures and great prices!

This morning, I got a late start. I've been moving slowly with a really achy back, but I made myself keep moving! I only had a two hour window because a repairman was coming to fix our oven. We had a bad storm a week ago that wiped out our power for 25 hours, and it wiped out our oven. Good thing it's only 5 months old and the repairs are free!

The repair guy tried to get me by handing me the receipt and telling me it was going to be charged to my credit card. When I said, "o.k." he couldn't believe it. I reminded him he had already told me it was under warranty, and I hadn't given him my card number. He laughed, he said most people fall for it, and start to get cranked up before he tells them he's kidding. Charming guy-huh? It makes me laugh knowing I didn't fall for his prank.

Today's sales were more of the same-great prices and a couple of hidden gems tucked away on tables of things either not interesting to me or way over-priced.

This is what I got today:
 A box full of wind chime materials for $3

 The little one was inside of the big one, and they were sold as a set for $4.

 I love old cook books and for ten cents, I couldn't pass it up!

The square flowers casserole was $1, and the mini pie plate was supposed to be a quarter, but the lady running the sale told me to just take it!

Total spent today: $8.10. Total for both days: $11.20 and so much fun was had! That moment when you happen upon a treasure,and your heart starts beating really fast and your palms start sweating a little...and you have to hold yourself back from squealing out-loud, and pretend a fake nonchalance...priceless!! To have it happen 3 or more times in two days-AWESOME!!!

I have a Dr. appointment on Monday and I'm probably going to have to have surgery, so I'm trying to make myself get out and about now, even though I don't feel the greatest, because I'm not sure how long the recovery time will be, and that means I'm not sure how long I'll be out of treasure hunting.

Tomorrow, Auntie and I are going to Midland for the last Antiques Festival of the year. I may be moving slow, and I may not make it all the way through, but I'm going!!


  1. Such great finds! Love the Pyrex and the galvanized pail, especially. Have been trolling your blog and seeing all of your terrific buys :)

  2. What??? You have got to be kidding! Wow! What great finds! Now I could go for that kind of sale. Haven't see one of those in forever.

  3. I only have one of those Fire King cottage cheese bowls and I paid under 10 dollars for it. I thought I got a bargain! You get the award for that :-)

    So sorry to hear about your back issues. I'd be out there moving around as much as possible too!