Saturday, September 20, 2014

Last Trip to Midland Antiques Festival for the Season

Since we missed the first two antique festivals at the Midland Fairgrounds this year, we weren't going to miss out on the last one of the season-not even with a 60% chance of rain in the forecast! Auntie and I left just as daylight was showing up. It sprinkled a little on the way, and we even saw some lightening, but we weren't letting that worry us. We had rain jacket/ponchos and a couple of umbrellas in our granny carts, and we were chomping at the bit to get to the treasures!

Within the first five minutes, we ran into my blog buddy Marie. It was great seeing you Marie!! We crossed paths a few times, and at the end of the day, we ended up at the same place at the same time-how cool is that!?!

We walked our legs off today! As long as I kept moving, my back seemed to not hurt as much, it was when I stopped and stood in one place that I had a hard time. So, I kept going, and going.I saw so many fun things to look at. I even picked up a cobalt blue glass-what I thought was a rolling pin but turned out to be an oil jar/bottle. The tag was halfway ripped off so it looked like it was $5. I should have known for how fast the dealer ran to my side when I picked it up that it wasn't $5. It was only tapered at one end so it was obvious it wasn't a rolling pin. The actual price was $145!! I put it down as quickly, and as gently as I possibly could! I wasn't looking to spend that kind of money on everything I bought today-and especially not on only one thing.

One of the food vendors was selling apple cider slushies-YUM!!! It was just as good as our local orchard. The man running the booth said he's been voted #5 in the state. I didn't even know there was a rating system for cider slushies-did you?? Now I'm anxious to get the the cider mill for fresh hot donuts and cider slushies!

There seemed to be a really good mix of things for sale. It didn't seem like any one thing or type of thing took over and was everywhere. There was a lot of vintage Pyrex, tablecloths, quilts, vintage kitchenware and a lot of rusty, crusty metal. I even saw a dealer from an antique store in Plymouth! I had plenty of my favorite things to look at today, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

The sun eventually came out, and even though it was super windy, it turned out to be a great day-it even got up to 80 degrees by the time we left! I'm so glad we didn't let the weather forecast scare us off!! We spent the hour and a half, each way, drive time catching up, solving all the problems of the world and planning our next treasure hunting trip to Davisburg the first weekend in October.

 First purchase of the day!

 I LOVE iron beds!!!

 So many quilts, and linens!!

 I've had a teapot in the barn for probably 5 years, waiting to do this.

 I'd love another bottle tree-Mr. needs to get busy and make another one!

 Look at all the Fiesta! I used to get very excited when I would see this every year. Now that I've been collecting for a while, I look, but that's it.

 I didn't get a very good picture. This is the same food trailer that was at Davisburg last spring. They have subs and wraps-much better for you than the usual fair type greasy food. The vendor told us they make their own bread too! It was very yummy and perfectly toasted-hope they are at Davisburg in October!!

 I took this picture to show Mr. what we are going to do with my sewing machine base and my yardstick collection!

 Auntie's cart about 1/2 way through...

 Both of our carts at the end. I've been known to share my cart space a time or two. 

Here's the trunk shot!

 Yes...I have to take a picture of the same sign...every year.

These are my treasures for the day. The more that I look at the quilt, the more I LOVE it!! The white Federal set was $8 for three bowls and a batter bowl, the small set in the corner is a fired-on set-no markings, but way to cool to walk away from, the butterprint casserole is a 475, and the funky piece of fabric was only $1. Of course, I did get kettle corn, but a much smaller bag than what I usually get. Some years, I've come home with only a giant bag of kettle corn and great memories. This year, I got the kettle corn, great treasures and more great memories!!

Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing your treasures!

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  1. What a fun show! Outdoor shows are my favorite but living in Oregon, they are few and far between. Glad you had fun and got some good stuff!