Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Friday!!

Yay!!! It's Friday, and I didn't have to work or be anywhere at any given time-it was a true day off!! I spent it visiting the new Hobby Lobby in Novi (very nice store!), 2 different Joann stores and an afternoon of just hanging out enjoying the blue skies and sunshine from my warm and cozy sun room.

I found a TON fun things, but only a few of them were things that came home with me! If money wasn't an issue, I would have probably had three carloads of things from Hobby Lobby come home with me! I took tons of pictures so I could drool over them when I got home!

 There are a lot of estate sales going on around me, but after looking over the ads and the pictures, I can't find a single one to go to. I seem to have developed a three item rule. If I don't see at least three things in the ad or the pictures, that I'd be interested in buying, I don't go. Saves gas, saves time, but doesn't do anything for needing a good junking fix!

The main thing I was looking for today was a sewing machine. I found a couple online, but was hoping to find them in a store where I could see them in person and hopefully buy today-that Christmas money was still burning a hole in my pocket and I didn't want to spend a ton of money in case I don't end up sewing a lot.

I was surprised that Hobby Lobby didn't have any machines for sale! I thought for sure they would. I don't know if all of their stores are like the one I visited, or if it was just this particular store. I was glad there was a Joann nearby,so after weaving up and down every aisle (I was afraid I'd miss something), at HL, I went to Joann.

At this particular store, the sewing machine section is run by an independent company and not part of Joann at all. I thought that was odd, but the woman working in the sewing machine department seemed knowledgeable and interested in helping. They just didn't have any in my cheap price range.

I visited the Joann in my own town after that, and they didn't have an independent dealer but they only had a handful of machines-all of which were way more than I wanted to spend. So, I ended up buying one from Amazon. I got the free Prime shipping, and it will be here Tuesday!

Since I was so frugal in my shopping, I was also able to buy a cheap printer, that prints with edible ink and sheets of rice paper-for printing designs on and using on cookies and cakes, and some edible ink cartridges.

I'm dying to make rectangular cut out cookies with printed vintage Valentines on them for Valentines Day, Vintage Christmas Card designs for Christmas, and maybe I can find some vintage spring or Easter cards to print and use for spring.

So, with buying all of that, I wiped out my Christmas money and my birthday money. Yesterday was my birthday, and the birthday texts, emails and facebook messages are still coming in! It was a fun day that felt like a day-long celebration!

At work everyone was giving me cards and well wishes, then I went to lunch with my team at a local Mexican restaurant and ended up with a giant sombrero plopped on my head and a singing trio of waiters singing something to me in Spanish. For all I know they could have been telling me to get lost because I didn't understand a single word!

For dinner, my oldest son took me out. Mr and the youngest had to work. While we were at dinner, my oldest told me he is on track to graduate summa cum laude from the honor's nursing program that he is in! I'm so proud of him!!! I never dreamed he would follow through with it when he first said he wanted to be a nurse. He is so gifted with computers and technology, I thought for sure he'd switch to that field, but he's stuck with it, he loves it, and he's excelling!! I couldn't be happier for him!

After dinner with him, I went to my cousin's house for our Thursday Bible study and they had cupcakes and sang to me. Mr got me a dozen roses, oldest got me an inside antenna (looks like a sheet of paper) for the tv in the sunroom so I can get local channels, and youngest got me blown glass vintage-like clear glass light bulbs for the Mason jar chandelier that we made for over the table in the sun room. I was very spoiled yesterday that's for sure!!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to watch my cousin's boys play college hockey-I'm really excited to go, and much more so now that she gave me a pair of wool socks for my birthday, since the arena they are playing at doesn't heat their stands.

Nothing else out of the ordinary going on around here, Other than the hockey game, a normal weekend is in store for us. How about you?

My birthday roses

The crazy decorations as the Mexican restaurant where my co-workers took me to lunch

How easy would it be to make these!?!  Mod Podge and scrapbook paper on a wooden letter.

It was very hard for me to hold on to that Christmas and Birthday money when I saw this. I literally had to talk myself away from it and keep reminding myself about the sewing machine. That was when I still thought I'd find one at Hobby Lobby.

I saw several mirrors with this type of design. Each one a little bit different.

 Makes me appreciate my repurposed vintage clock with a newer mirror when the ones in the store start at $65!

I must have been in a rusty metal mood today!

LOVE these drawers, but couldn't come up with a reason to "need" them

Maybe, if I had a big summer party looming in the near future...these would be great cold beverage holders!

I was hoping these would come apart and be three separate pedestals, but they were attached as one piece

Love turquoise. Love metal.

So much fun metal!!

I thought long and hard about what I could put in these, but nothing came to mind. If I was a more crafty person, I could have said I "needed" them to hold craft supplies

This reminds me of all of the old brightly painted faucet handles I picked up last summer in Douglas

With all of the scrap wood in the barn, I'm hoping to try something like this when it warms up

I found these at Joann!!! PURPLE!!! Too bad they are wide mouth. I would have liked to have them as part of the chandelier in the sunroom!

These are the bulbs my youngest got me for my gift...sad that they don't fit in the small mouth opening of the jars on the chandelier.

More metal from HL-this came home with me!

Bermuda tablecloth. Not sure if it is actually vintage or if it is vintage "style"

Found a fun way to display a couple vintage Valentines! By the time I find more, Valentines Day will be long gone!

Yellow and purple vintage table cloth=thinking spring!!


  1. Happy bleated birthday! Next time your husband goes into Harbor Freight, have him pick up one of the revolving bins. Then you can paint it any color you want! Plus, they are super cheap and way bigger than the ones at HL.

    Have a great day!


  2. Happy belated birthday! Since my wife's birthday is a little over a month after mine, I get to celebrate my birthday until she has hers. Then, she seems to get the rest of the year until mine starts. Not really...I give her about a month to get it out of her system! Also, late cards and well-wishings make birthdays last longer, so have fun!

  3. I'm happy you're getting into sewing! All the sewing machines at all JoAnn's used to be sold by an independent seller (and they were NEVER eligible for coupons because of that). I thought our local store had gotten rid of machines altogether when they closed down that section.

    I LOVE your idea of the vintage cards on sugar cookies! I have some Easter postcards you can scan and use.