Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mixed up Week!

The past two weeks have been very hectic and very busy-especially at work! Since I work at a church and am the admin support for 3 youth directors, my job is always full of scheduling, organizing, spreadsheets and details. The past two weeks have been doubly busy because we had a retreat each weekend.

Sometimes I feel like a bank teller,sorting all the payments out and logging them into spreadsheets, and then lots of data entry keeping track of payments, release forms, permission slips, roommate requests, and whatever else is required for each trip.

On top of that, I've been collecting payments and waiver forms for our women's volleyball league! I've processed so many waiver/release forms lately, I think I could do it in my sleep! Since the students leave on Friday afternoons for the retreats, I have to work those Fridays (normally my day off) to make sure check-in goes smoothly, and everyone has turned in everything they need and also to make sure the bus shows up to pick them up.

Last week, I worked every day. I only worked a few hours on Thursday and a few on Friday. This week, I decided to take the whole day off on Thursday and work a couple of extra hours on Friday to make up for it.

Mr. was also off on Thursday, and had plans to go to Lansing to a coin shop to buy some silver, so I went along,and of course, added a few pit stops to our route! I'm not a fan of coins, or silver...I probably think about his silver in the same terms he thinks about my vintage treasures.

While he was doing his shopping thing, I visited Home Goods and Tuesday Morning (in the same shopping center). Then we went on to visit April's Furniture and Antiques. I've been to April's many times before. I try to stop in at least once or twice a year, and boy was I surprised when I walked in this time! They have really spent a ton of time cleaning it up, and making it look nice inside. The first time I went, I was kind of worried some of the over-stuffed shelves might collapse on me, and no one would know I was buried in there!

They seem to be mainly focusing on furniture now, and didn't have very many smalls or dishes and glassware as they have had in the past. I really liked how it looked, and they had some gorgeous pieces of antique and vintage furniture! If only I had a bigger house!!!

After April's we went to Mega Mall and The Little Red Schoolhouse. Mr. likes to go to The Little Red Schoolhouse because there is a Harbor Freight store across the street, so he wanders through guy junk while I wander through vintage and antique goodies.

I almost bought something at Mega Mall, but the dealer forgot to put the price on the tag, and she wasn't available by phone. I didn't see anything I couldn't live without at The Little Red Schoolhouse, but that's ok-you have to spend some time just looking and taking it all in sometimes. Not every trip is going to be a prince!

Our last stop was at the antique mall where I used to have my booth. I've been in to wander that mall three times since I pulled out at the end of last March. I did buy something this time, but not the other two times. There have been a LOT of changes since I left! A lot of my favorite booths are gone, and in their place are booths filled with shabby, industrial things.Some are vintage, but most look like they aren't.

There seemed to be an over-abundance of those kinds of booths in that mall now. I don't care for that as much as I like vintage kitchenware and pretty much everything else vintage, so I was feeling disappointed that so many booths were looking the same. From time to time, I do find rusty, crusty industrial things that I really like, but for the most part, it just seemed like one style is taking over the entire mall.

After that, we raced home so Mr. could change and head out to a going away party at a winery/cafe in Jackson. One of his co-workers was leaving and his team from his surgical unit at work was gathering to say goodbye and send her off. I enjoyed a nice quiet evening at home.

Friday was jam-packed with dentist appointments, lunch with my youngest, work, then a haircut. My hair stylist is in her last 6 weeks or so of her pregnancy and she's taking 12 weeks off once she has her baby. She is so good, that I don't ever want to have to go to someone else. If she decides to not return to work afterwards, I told her she better call me and let me know where she goes or if she's going to be doing hair out of her home. I followed her from another salon to the one she is at now, and would be willing to follow her again-she's that good!

We always blab, blab, blab while she is cutting my hair. I was sneaky and was asking questions about her showers, where she was registered and what she still needed...and when she went in the back to get more gel for my hair, I got her last name off of her license (it is posted at her station). When my haircut was done, I sat in the parking lot on my phone searching through her registry at Babys R Us and had a small gift shipped to her house! I'm so excited to be able to surprise her like that!

No, I'm not a crazy stalker...I just love to give gifts. I wonder if that could be one of my love languages--giving gifts. I love to give gifts-it just makes me happy. Especially when the person receiving it loves what I've given them!!

Here are some pictures of my week...

Celebrating my cousin's birthday on Tuesday at Chili's...yum!! I LOVE their chips and salsa!

A very heavy box arrived on Wednesday!!

I selected all the pieces for the new version of the relish tray. The individual wedges are called omni trays. I'm not sure I like the color of the bullion bowl in the middle with the other colors. It was really hard to choose. I got a cobalt pizza tray for the base-my first piece of cobalt!

I was very sad when I saw this glaze miss on the lapis omni tray.I called Thursday morning to see about returning it for a new one, and they are sending me a new one! No picture needed for proof, and they told me to keep this one! Great customer service!!

The outside of April's

One of the booths at Mega Mall. There is a HUGE variety of things to look at. I think it works well for them because they always seem to be busy, and it appeals to a wide range of collectors.

I really like this booth.

A lot of changes have been made at this mall too. Here is another new vendor.

I'm wondering if Mitzi moved out...or maybe trying a different direction?

When we got home, there was a strange car on our dead-end dirt road. I am always suspicious and always try to take photos of the vehicles that don't belong. You never know. Most of the time they are just looking out over the fields and searching for wildlife. Once in a while we run across someone up to no good. It never hurts to keep your eyes open!

I bought this at Tuesday Morning. It is from Cake Boss. Very heavy and I LOVE it!!

I bought these McKee refrigerator dishes at the mall where I used to have my booth. I couldn't believe how low they were priced!!

I found this online. It is a repro, but I think it is gorgeous. New, never used. Still in the plastic with the label attached. How do you feel about repros? I don't mind them. I even like them-as long as the seller is honest and up-front about it. What I don't like is when you go into a mall and see all the repro jadeite being sold just as jadeite-no mention of it being made in china, or that it's a repro.

Mr. leaned over while I was driving to snap a quick pic of the glimpses of blue skies for me. Just seeing that beautiful blue lifts my spirits and makes me smile!

Here's a book I picked up a the library. It wasn't what I was expecting. I was looking for a book that had hankie quilts, curtains, and things like that. This was all about using hankies to make doll clothes. It was interesting to read and look at the pictures, and the author's enthusiasm was very contagious!

Today is a catch-up day. Trip to Costco this morning, a few card games with my youngest, some laundry and later some volleyball. Hope you're having a great weekend!! I'm hoping for more glimpses of the blue skies this coming week!!!

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  1. I don't have any reproduction linens but my Jadeite cake stand is a repro and I don't mind that one bit. If I ever did manage to come across a real vintage one, I highly doubt I would be able to afford it! I get so mad when sellers don't clarify that their items are reproductions. At least we know better!