Sunday, January 18, 2015

January Thaw...

Yesterday started off gloomy and gray, so I decided it was a good day to get out and brighten up my outlook with some cheery vintage goodness! I headed north to Collette's Vintage (with a quick pit stop at Culver's-YUM).

I've been to Collette's a few times on Saturday, mostly though, I go on Friday since that is my day off. Every other Saturday that I've been there, it's been busier than it is on Fridays, but yesterday was a different story-it was PACKED! I was so happy for the folks that own Collette's!! Word is getting out that it's a fun place to shop with TONS of booths and tons of great things at for the most part, great prices.

They also were having an indoor flea market. They have it on Saturdays in the back. There were also artisans demonstrating their talents-blacksmithing and wood working. If you like to wander antique/collectible shops, you can't miss with Collette's, and you get two big bonuses with the flea market and artisans on Saturdays!

I picked up a brochure at the check-out counter because I had a few hours until I had to be at my volleyball game, so I was hoping to find some new-to-me shops. I went to two places that turned out to be auction halls. Their ads were misleading because they listed how many dealers they had, and listed hours of operation. Both were closed, and both looked to only host auctions. I was bummed, but kept on going.

I made a quick trip to Genevieve's. I'm glad I found it a couple of years ago. It's a small place, so you can get through quickly, but they seem to have a good variety and quite a few dealers. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without, but I enjoyed my wandering.

I stopped at Fratz in Fenton. I've never seen it so packed. I guess everyone got bit by the junking bug yesterday! I was surprised to see a couple sitting in the furniture area almost as if it were their own living room. They didn't seem to be talking about purchasing the furniture, they just seemed to be hanging out. They've moved a ton of furniture since my last visit. That's one thing I really like about Fratz. It's (for the most part) a different store every time to visit.

My stop after Fratz was at Twice New, also in Fenton. They also had lots to see. I always love to come across vintage Pyrex, even if it happens to be things that I already have, or things I'm not collecting. My list for collecting is getting shorter and shorter these days. I'm at the point of just finishing off sets that I already have, and not beginning new sets.

One last stop on the way home was at The Birdcage in Howell. I like this little shop, and I think more and more people are finding out about it. It was really busy yesterday. I've never seen so many cars in the parking lot! Good for them!!

I bought a few things. It was actually the best stop in my route. I found the most things that needed to come home with me, and I got great deals on it all! They are having a sale starting on the 21st-20% off everything, and they handed me a coupon for an additional discount on one item. I'll have to see if I can work in another visit this week-hopefully the dealers will be stocking up their booths with more vintage goodies for the sale!

As I was traveling around on my Saturday adventure, the day that was really gloomy when I left, ended up with bursts of sunshine and glimpses of blue skies-it was a wonderful day to be out, hunting for treasures, and singing along with my music at the top of my lungs!

I finished the day off with fun games, and I'm very pleased that I'm really none the worse for wear after my surgery-other than stamina, I can play just like before-whew!

I hope you are having a great weekend-I'll be stopping by to see what my blog friends have been up to this week, in between loads of laundry, dusting and vacuuming. One of these days, I'm going to find that house cleaning fairy and lock her up in my house so I can have both weekend days to play!!

My first stop...Yum!!! I can't believe this pic turned out so good, it was with my phone as I sat waiting in the drive through for my order.

The next few pics are from Collette's to show what a great variety the booths have.

 Yes, even tube socks-much to my dismay.

 I sent this pic to a friend of mine from work. she collects round covered butter dishes. I had to send a follow-up text to let her know I found a hairline.

This made my heart swoon! LOVE it!!! It reminds me of the roaster I picked up for Auntie.

I've had an obsession with glassware for many years. I'm drawn to anything made out of glass, in pretty much any color, but my favs are clear and amethyst. I have never seen a glass foot before! It was labeled as a mannequin foot. It looks to be a stand-alone and not a piece from something bigger. It was really heavy for its size too.

Another thing I love-old windows...

These were for sale at Twice New in Fenton. The larger bowls were $28 each and the smaller ones were $18 each. Too much for my cheap wallet! I already have the butterprint anyway, and I'm not starting a new pattern/design collection...maybe if I keep telling myself that, I'll actually believe it!

Flyer/coupon from the Birdcage. I hope I can squeeze in a visit during their sale!

My finds...a stick pin/ hatpin

A purple bottle

Vintage Valentines

A Christmas pillowcase

A full I was carrying it around, I kept feeling something poking me in the belly. I'd move the apron around and then I'd feel it again, but every time I looked, I didn't see anything that could possibly be poking me. When I got home, I saw a wad of material in the pocket. Someone used a straight pin to pin in a hunk of extra material! So I wasn't losing my mind after all!
 The tag on the apron

A half apron-cherries!!

I talked Auntie into giving up this quilt! We were together at the beginning of December when she bought it. She told me I'd regret not getting it, but she would have it if I changed my could I not get it! Grandma's Garden is my favorite quilt pattern! She already soaked the stains out and was getting ready to sell it-I got it just in time!! The Texasware bowl was a super steal from another one of my "bid the lowest bid and forget about it until you get the reminder to pay" kind of things.

Hoping to find the largest size in the pink color. My mom had it when I was growing up. It was our popcorn & potato salad bowl-after I tripped while carrying potato salad in to my grandma's house and dropped her 444 Friendship Pyrex-and broke it! She wisely switched to melmac, but sold it after I left home, in a garage sale for a quarter!!!

These walls...have got to go! I just can't bring myself to haul everything out to repaint them!! I'm glad my son tapped into his creative side when this was his room, but I wish I would have made him repaint it before I moved all my vintage-ness into it! I'm thinking springtime is a good time to haul stuff out, have another garage sale, and repaint the room.Plus he won't be so busy then with school and work.
I'm thinking of making a quilt using my leftover hankies from my booth. Have you ever made a hanky quilt? Any tips or tricks to share??

Happy Hunting friends! Have you made up your 2015 wish lists yet? How about your list of places to visit? I'm working on mine-I'll share it soon.

PS.--for those of you who asked...yes, I do have a treasure hunting spread sheet! I made it in excel and emailed it to myself and downloaded it on my phone so whenever I'm out and I see something, I pull up my list to see if it is the size/pattern that I'm still hunting for. It works great, until I forget to update it and end up buying something I already have! 


  1. That Horizon Blue pattern of Pyrex is one that I collect. I love the blue and how it is different from the other aqua and turquoise Pyrex. That cherry apron is so sweet. Hard to pass up anything with cherries, isn't it?

    Glad you had a good day and that you are feeling better!


  2. I love shopping with you! I love that Christmas pillow case & the aprons!

  3. Oh do my friends and I need a Pyrex spreadsheet!! We are always asking each other what we have. Love the Christmas pillow case and the sweet apron. I would love to make a hankie quilt. Thanks for taking us shopping with you.