Monday, April 6, 2015

A Rare Monday Hunting Day!

After my parents got on the road this morning, I sent a text to Auntie to see if she was up for a spur of the moment adventure. I don't get Mondays off very often (unless I'm on vacation, or unless it's Labor or Memorial Day), so I thought it would be fun to hit the road to see what we could see.

We had quite a list of places to pick from to plan our trip. We both really wanted to go to Lake Odessa, but they are only open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. So, we ended up going to Perry, to the Swan Creek Candle Store (antiques are upstairs). I've been there a few times, and even though it is really small, I always find things to look at, admire and even a few things to buy.

We drove a while and stopped at Memories Antique Mall in Swartz Creek, but they are closed on Mondays-boo! We were so bummed! Then we went to Holly, and were really sad to see that Water Tower Antiques is out of business, and the building is for rent!! Boo!! We did stop at Battle Alley Antiques-it's much less creepy to me now that I've been there an handful of times.

There is another antique shop down the road and across the street, but they were closed today too. I guess Mondays are not very high shopping days for antique malls, because it seems a lot of them are closed on Monday.

We ended up travelling south west and made our last stop of the day at Livingston Antique Outlet. This week is their big spring sale. I was surprised to see the big discount signs in most of the booths. Some of the booths were as high as 35%! We wandered around the mall, and we both found something we couldn't live without.

I wandered into a booth that had a 25% off sale sign and looked all around, and my eyes came to rest on a Kitchen Kraft stacking refrigerator set. I very rarely see them in the wild, and when I do, the price is sky high. When I looked at the price, I had to do a double take, and then couldn't believe my luck because I was going to get 25% off of that price!

Here are my finds for today.
I picked up the Washington hanky and the Hoarder Dishorder pitcher at Swan Creek, and the Hawaiian Islands hanky and the KK set at LAO. 

Another fun day! I like the idea of starting my week off doing what I love-hunting for treasures!!

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