Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Spring Flea

Today was the first flea market of the season at Mega Mall. So after church, Auntie and I took off to hunt for treasures! We got there about a half hour after it opened and there were TONS of shoppers! It wasn't a sold-out flea market, it seemed quite a bit smaller than the last few I went to last year. It could have been that it was the first one of the season and the weather in Michigan in April is always iffy. It was supposed to be a rainy day, but the rain held off and should be coming later this afternoon. I know I wouldn't want to go to all the effort of hauling and setting up my junk treasures to sell and then be rained out.

There were two garage sales, right across the street from the antique mall, which made it convenient for the homeowners. I'm sure they got a ton of shoppers that they wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't flea market Sunday. We made a quick trip through all of the flea vendors and then wandered around the mall for a while too.

I bought an 8" round cake pan at the flea market for $1-just in time to bring it home, wash it and put cake batter into it for my youngest's birthday cake. He's going to be 21 on Tuesday!!! Auntie asked me if that made me feel old. I said not as much as knowing my oldest is turning 24 in two weeks!!! Where does the time go?!?

When I got home everyone was busy doing their own thing. It was fun to have everyone home at the same time and all together in the main part of the house. With everyone's busy schedules, we are very rarely home all at the same time.

Mr BHTS and I decided it was time to put our screens in, so while he putting them in the sunroom windows, it reminded him to check the trail cam to see what happened last night with the live trap. It was upside down this morning with nothing in it, and all the tuna from the can was gone. He still hasn't gone to get the Little Debbie's yet...he thinks he's going to do it his way. The guy I work with said he caught 9 skunks one spring around his house with the Little Debbie cookies, so I'm wondering why Mr doesn't want to try it. Although...this skunk is proving to be pretty smart-at least smarter than the three guys living in my house.

The newest part of this critter adventure, is now we have found a hole going under our front porch. So, we either have a second critter, or the one under the sun room is tired of being hassled and is moving to the front of the house. We all cracked up when we were scrolling through the pics from the trail cam, because you can see a second animal in some of the shots, and it looks like a raccoon! Oh, the joys of living in the country!!

Now the live trap is staked to the ground and ready to go for round 5. I'm sure we'll have more laughs,and hopefully no one gets sprayed in the coming days!!

Here are pics of my day...

I've actually kept this alive since before Easter! The weather better hurry up and get warm so I can plant it outside, I'm running out of luck the longer it takes to get it in the ground, the less likely it will survive. I have never had a green thumb.

My youngest bought and planted a bunch of tulip bulbs last fall. Only one came up.I didn't even know he did it-what a nice surprise!

I'm loving this cork board that I saw at Mega Mall today.

A great idea for my bi-fold door and linens.

Love this little canister!

Still hoping to have Mr make me something like this some day.

My treasusre from inside Mega mall. It's something in my collection that I never thought I'd find the complete set of original colors. Now I only need red and ivory and the set is complete!

Here are some fun trail cam pics of our resident smart skunk and one of his or her "friend" who came for a visit. notice the skunk on TOP of the wire live trap-trying to get the tuna out. ;)

 The newest member of our zoo.


  1. I love your blog & photos. I had a mama raccoon tear a dinner plate-sized hole thru my roof for a nest for her babies years ago, & I am not in the country altho there is a large 'wilderness' park & creek within 2 miles. I have possums & raccoons nightly in my yard. Best of luck with Little Debbies. You could trap me with those oatmeal pies!

  2. I need a trail cam! We have all kinds of critters outside and I would love to get a closer look at them.