Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring is Finally Here!!

Last Saturday was the Spring Open House at Williamston Antiques. Auntie and I have gone to it more times that I can remember. Every time I think about it, I have to chuckle when I remember my youngest son used to like to tag along just for the food! They put on a nice spread of appetizers and punch on a big table as soon as you walk in the door, and every year it is such a treat and very yummy. They also have a big sale, which makes it fun to hunt for treasures,knowing if you find something, you're going to get a discount on it.

After we left Williamston, we visited Mega Mall and The Little Red Schoolhouse. I found a couple of things at Mega Mall, but nothing I couldn't live without at Williamston or LRS. I don't mind going to places and walking out empty handed. It is fun just to hunt! I especially like to see what new things dealers have brought in, or what new ways they've decorated their booths. It's always very sad to me, when I see booths that look neglected, or when the dealers haven't taken time to freshen things up. Some booths in some antique malls that I frequent, have looked the same for 4 or 5 years (or more, in some cases). Keeping things fresh and new is a LOT of work, but so worth it for dealers, because it brings the buyers into the booth.

The divided "wedges" will hold a Fiesta relish tray insert pretty nicely!
A happy unexpected discovery!

No markings on the bottom. I have no idea who made this or when. 

Just to give size perspective...yes, I got another honey whip jar.
I can't resist-especially when they are less than $2.

Life at our house on Sunday was normal. Quiet, resting up, catching up on a few minor tasks and getting ready for the new week. Monday and Tuesday were volleyball evenings, and Wednesday was a playoff and final game for one of the leagues I play in, My team came in second place. We should have taken first place. We beat ourselves, but it was still fun. We had a celebratory/good-bye get-together at a brew pub near the gym that we play at. We won't see each other now until September when our league starts up. It made for a really late night, but I'm so glad we did it!

On Friday, my parents came in from Florida. The hauled their camper, and had two 12 hour days of driving, in heavy rain, construction and heavy traffic. They spent the weekend, and we had a great time catching up. We squeezed in a trip to Hobby Lobby, and Costco, a sushi run (I was surprised to find out my Mom likes sushi!) and dinner out at a local tex-mex restaurant.

After church on Easter Sunday, we cooked like crazy! We had enough food for 3 times as many people. The best part of big holiday meals--leftovers!! I sent some home with my parents (they left this morning), and we've got enough for a couple of dinners.

 This is my oldest son's version of fruit pizza. He had to work on Easter, and they had a potluck, so he decided to make this!

 This was my version-egg shaped!

 Strawberry Trifle-sent to my cousin's house.

 Strawberry and blueberry trifle for us-doesn't look as nice, in a trifle bowl with a pattern in the glass. 

 Dyed deviled eggs! Always a big hit!

 Grilled turkey-smokey-YUM!

 Potato salad

 Festive Fruit Salad from Taste of Home-don't forget the dip!!

Sweet yeast rolls from GFS-first time trying them, won't be the last-YUM!

Here are some pics of other fun things Auntie and I saw on our adventure the week before Easter weekend...
 I'm always keeping an eye out for round covered butter dishes for a friend from work. This one is oval, and seems to be much newer that what she normally collects. I've never seen anything like it before.

I took a picture of this, because I'd like Mr. to make me something like this, but out of wood-to put bowls on. 

I LOVE this dresser!!! 

What a great idea! I gave my mom a vintage style Texas map, and we've been trying to come up with a way to use it and give it as a gift to their summer/lake friends who are from Texas.

I have a little foot stool with hairpin legs that would be really easy to take apart and use for this!!

More vintage cabinet love!! Maybe when we redo our kitchen I could incorporate some of the elements of the old cabinets I fall in love with when I see them in antique malls. 

This looks like it would be a fun project, and it would be perfect for my parents U.P. yard.  

I have always wanted to try this, but never had enough nerve. This is the first time I've seen it in person and not online. The next suitcase I find, will become shelves-I can't wait to try it!! 

I still love these, even if they aren't very popular or "in style" right now. Mr made me a couple on his lathe a couple of summers ago, and they are awesome!

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