Sunday, July 26, 2015

A New Trunk Sale!

This past week has been a very emotional week, so when Saturday got here, I was ready to head out to do some treasure hunting and forget about life for a while. I was planning to hit a couple of garage sales and maybe an estate sale, but they really didn't seem like there would be anything worth getting out of the car for. More or less, they were just something to do. I decided to take one last scan online and I came across an ad for a one day Trunk Sale. 

I figured I could work in a few other places, and maybe even tempt Mr. into joining me by tossing in Menard's and Harbor Freight. So while I'm scurrying around trying to get a quick shower and get out the door, I decided to send Mr a text so he could have time to get ready if he did want to go.

I used voice to text because I was trying to get my hair dryer out with the other hand. I said, "I'm going to Livonia, do you want to go?" What came through was "I'm going to live alone, do you want to go?" Without missing a beat, he replies, "You go, I like it here."

Maybe you had to be here, but I really got a good laugh out of that. Especially since I've had back luck with voice to text in the past, and I promised myself I wouldn't use it again because the last time was so embarrassing

We visited the trunk sale. It was the second annual and was pretty good sized.There wasn't much that I was interested in, but it was fun to look. I think it will keep getting bigger, the more word spreads about it. 

I did pick up one thing. It ended up being the only treasure I got all day. Our trip not only included Menard's and Harbor Freight, but also an estate sale, two antique malls, Sonic, Gander Mountain and Home Goods.  

It was fun to get out and forget about the junk so many people that I love and care for are going through right now. It's so hard to watch people you love going through hard/painful times-especially when all you can do it pray for them and their circumstances and maybe help a little. I wish there were more that I could do

This came in the mail while we were gone...two down, two to go!!

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  1. I agree that just getting away can be great therapy! It keeps my mind busy and helps to stop thinking about all the stuff going on in life.