Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fun Times, Fun Treasures!

Last weekend, I was really feeling the need for a treasure hunting fix! I was thinking of going to an estate sale in Jackson on Thursday, that advertised over 300 pieces of vintage Pyrex and Fire King, but with it being so far away, and not knowing if I'd even get a good number, or how the prices would be, I decided to skip it and try some local sales instead. My junkin buddy Auntie met me and we took off.

We didn't score any physical treasures to speak of on our outing, but we did catch up on each other's lives and laugh, and blab and laugh some more-which is worth so much more than any "thing" you could buy!

Mr and I went to a few sales Friday morning. We ended up in the Waterford, White Lake area.We only found two sales out of about 6 or 7 that had the kind of junk we were looking for. One sale was an estate sale in the garage. I was getting ready to walk out when I spotted a badly damaged, fired-on bowl with a metal bracket laying inside of it. When I picked it up, the woman running the sale said if I wanted the bracket, I could have it for free. It was part of a three piece set, and someone dropped the smaller bowl, so she was just wanting someone who could use/appreciate it to have it.

I also bought a couple of solid wood picture frames from her, for another project idea that I have-more to come on that, as soon as I have something to show!

Auntie and I  had so much fun on Thursday, that I texted her the Saturday morning to see if she was feeling like a trip to Lake Odessa. We both have been wanting to go back, and I really didn't fee like doing laundry or dusting (it never goes away, so what's one more day-right?), so we took off on another adventure.

I'd forgotten how long of a drive it is to Lake Odessa! It was fine though, because we are never at a loss for words! We wandered through all three shops there and although we didn't find a lot of things to bring home, we saw a lot of great pieces. I don't know about you, but the hunt is probably more fun that the actually purchasing and owning. I love to wander through shops, just to see what I can see. Buying something that catches my fancy, or something from my wish list, is just the cherry on top, or the icing on the cake. I'd be perfectly content to go, and return home with nothing, and I have,many times!!

I picked up a couple of license plates for my stash for my giant Michigan project, and a pitcher that just seemed to call to me...saying, "lemonade would taste so much better..." Other than that, I kept my money in my wallet for another day.

If you are in Michigan, or are planning to travel to my beloved state, take a trip to Lake Odessa. There are three shops all on the same street that are worth checking out. Be sure to check their hours online before you go though. They are only open three days a week!

LOOK at this lovely old dresser with hanky boxes!!! This one is for sale at Fratz Consignment in Fenton.

I found these for Auntie on Friday. The woman running the sale said they were her ex-husband's and his sister's and he's 71 yrs old.
 I also found this for her.

She also had these three bottles of beach glass. She collected it from the ocean in Boston. She sold all of it to me for $5. I was thinking that was a little high. She didn't value the glass, she based her price on the jars.

 My Mom and I now have tons of ideas for projects-more to come soon-I hope!!

 A friend of mine collects beach glass and she was giddy with excitement when I showed her my pictures. She just about fell over when I told her $5. She says she sees it all the time for sale for $1 per piece!!

See the stopper top in the lower right corner?

 There were even a couple of red pieces and some pottery pieces.

 White Fiesta isn't really my color but when it's in mint condition and less than $5...

We also stopped at the Birdcage Antique Mall in Howell (on M59) and I saw this on the wall in one of the booths!!! I loved the look, but as I looked closer and read the words...I grew up in New Hudson, so did my Dad...he worked on that farm when he was a teenager!! I know I could have made something like this myself-I still have windows in the basement waiting for some project or other, but I'd never be able to find the feedsack-unused. It now sits on my mantle shelf. I sent my Dad a picture of it and he said it brought back lots of memories for him.

 Here is the free bracket. I know this isn't the set it goes to, but I had to try it! Don't mind the dust...the dusting fairy has been spending too much time treasure hunting and not dusting lately!!

 Look at this really cool puzzle, embedded in a game table! It's for sale at Bonanza Antiques in Lake Odessa-in the basement.

 Look what the puzzle is depicting!!!

I'm on the hunt for one of these! My friend Marie uses them to store her Christmas cookies-what a great idea-huh??

Doesn't this just make you think of icy cold lemonade?!?

These are the license plates that I have so far. I'm looking for more in the colors that I don't have. I plan to cut them to fit on a 3-4 foot shape of the state of Michigan and U.P.. I'm just trying to decide if I want to have one piece in place for each county, or just go freestyle...decisions, decisions!!

On Monday I had a doctor appointment in Northville. After I got checked in and had been sitting in the waiting room for about 10 minutes, the receptionist came over and whispered that my appointment wasn't for 2 more hours!!! I thought my appointment was at 1:30 but it was at 3:00 (I was a half hour early for 1:30 because I didn't know how traffic would be). She seemed worried that I'd be upset...I just smiled and knew immediately what I'd do for two hours! I went down the road a couple of miles and wandered around Knightsbridge Antique Mall!!

When I went back for my appointment, my doctor's nurse apologized for the confusion on the appointment time. I laughed and told her what I did with the time, and she was excited to hear about a new to her antique mall, and was already making plans for a visit!!

These are my treasures from Knightsbridge. They were having a sale, so I got super great deals on everything!! 

Yes, Auntie...I know I told you I'm done with soap flake pitchers...because three is enough...but this one is different from the other ones...and it was priced too low to leave behind!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't have service in the mall, and I couldn't pull up my wish list...I ended up with a bowl I already have!!! I've now got a new way to see my wishlist so I won't have to rely on cell phone service again. So hopefully, I won't end up with duplicates. I'm not too worried though, I'm sure I can trade it for something I really want.

This was last night at the park next door...

This makes me so happy! This is the Hydrangea that Mr was supposed to dead-head, but ended up chopping it to about two inches from the ground. It came back to life and is so beautiful!!!

These two other pieces came to live with us this week--totally unexpected, but totally welcome!!

Hope you're having a great week! I'm off to meet my cousins for our weekly walk and read night. We are reading "What Women Fear" by Angie Smith.


  1. Love the soap container. The sea glass was CHEAP! I always thought it would be fun to have a hot air balloon ride. Nice finds.

  2. Soap flake pitchers are really hard to come by in my neck of the woods! I would love to find even one :-)

    Glad you have been finding some treasures. Have a great weekend!