Friday, July 17, 2015

Time to Spruce Things Up!

My Pyrex wall is getting too full! I love all of my treasures and I'm not quite ready to release anything from my vintage kitchenware foster care system, so it's time to rearrange and straighten things up a bit.

I'm not thrilled with how it turned out. Some aspects of it I really like, and some, eh, not so much! I'm still hoping to find the rest of the rainbow stripe bowls, a full set of the 400 series in yellow, a good condition red 402, the green dot and yellow dot, a balloons dip bowl, spacesavers and some of the rarer pieces, but that's part of the fun-the hunt!!

I'm pretty much done with vintage Fiesta-only a few select pieces-that if they ever came up for sale near me for dirt cheap-would I get them. I still have a few (very few) pieces of Federal bowls that I'm still looking for-most especially the orange daisy to replace the one that broke in shipping. I have it glued up and sitting in the stack as a space saver-for that "some day" but it's been forever since I've seen an orange one, so I'm starting to give up hope.

Then there's the ever elusive Fire King tulips smallest bowl and red dots-the two smallest.While I'd like to complete the sets, once they are complete, I won't have anything left to look for!! Although, I seem to keep finding things that interesting and intriguing and with my super cheap budget, I don't have as much as you'd expect invested in my fun.

The biggest problem now is trying to fit it all in-and to have room for the elusives IF I ever find them!

Those doors on the bottom right are the doors for the bottom outside sections of the cabinet...still waiting for Mr to get the glass to finish's only been a few years...

The newer Pyrex set on the top shelf left side was a wedding gift from my grandma-too funny that it's "vintage" now-I sure don't feel old enough to have a wedding gift from my wedding be vintage!! Oh well, when the next rainy day comes, I might work on it again. For now, I'm all about enjoying the sun and being able to be outside-it's going to be over before we know it!!


  1. Such an amazing collection. I love that you have space to display it! I've downsized my Pyrex but have kept my Pink Gooseberry bowl set. Wish I had more in that pattern!

  2. There will always be something else to collect! Just when I think I've reached my limit, I find something else that I think I need. Right now, it's the Fire King black dots set. I don't think I'll ever be done.

    Your cabinet is to die for, Kim! You have some gorgeous pieces.


  3. I really like the way you have put all the difference collections together. I think it looks nice. I'd like to have a set of dots. They are so hard to find and so expensive in Nashville. I'll keep looking. GREAT!

  4. You have an amazing collection...I spotted some that I got as a wedding gift over 50 years ago. The aqua...what goes around comes around!