Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Balmy 53 Degrees...

Yesterday was an incredible day for February in Michigan! It got up to 53 degrees on my car thermometer! It felt down right balmy,  and I loved every minute of it!

It was still 47 degrees when I went to work this morning, and it's about 50 right now...but...since this is Michigan...and it IS will soon come to an end...sigh. Just a teaser for the warmer spring days to come.

The estate sale offerings for tomorrow look pretty bleak. There are a few around, but most of them look like new stuff and not the vintage goodies I usually look for. One sale looks the most interesting, but it still only looks - eh not so great. It's only in the next town over (about a 15 minute drive), so no big deal to turn around and go home if it ends up being a frog.

They have a lot of tools, and Kevin's thinking of tagging along since he's off work tomorrow too-maybe we can turn it into a date and go out to lunch on the way home!

How about you? How do the sales look in your area for tomorrow? Are you going out to some of them?

I'm hoping to find an auction soon. I visited a new local auction house a couple of weeks ago, and was excited that it was so close, but once I got there, I was disappointed at the severe lack of items to auction off! There were a lot of people in a tiny space, and literally only 6 six foot tables of stuff-and they weren't loaded-they were really sparse. It could have all probably fit on 3 1/2 tables. I did register for a bidder number, but ended up walking out before it started.

I guess I'm not looking in the right places-they have to be out there somewhere!

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