Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

Today is a rare treat for Michiganians in the middle of winter. Maybe it's an early Valentine's Day present...whatever it is, I call it GORGEOUS! There is plenty of blue skies and bright sunshine, and best of all...46 degrees outside!!

I took a walk around the yard, and noticed that all the trees are getting ready for spring-I think they are just as ready as I am for warmer weather!

The girls even poked their heads out of the coop today...they just didn't venture very far-they don't care for cold tootises or walking in the snow!

I even hung out a couple of tablecloths hoping to take advantage of the sun to help finish lightening some stains.

Have you been wondering where we are at with the deck/sunroom project?
 Still stuck in the same place...waiting for the right windows to arrive. Might even be a little behind that as they didn't put any flashing under the doors on the front when they installed them. So they all have to be taken out, flashing and caulk used and then the doors put back in...I'm ready for this to be over too!

Kevin and I went to the booth today. The parking lot was totally full! I had to park in a spot that really wasn't a spot-how awesome is that!?! It was soo crowded that it was hard to walk around in there! I added some candy to our candy dish, straightened a few things, and kind of wandered around the mall for a while. A LOT of people were looking, but only one person picked something up and carried it off. Hopefully they will buy it and not set it down somewhere else.

Kevin dropped off a really old anvil for the booth today. I don't think it will sell-especially at the price he put on it, but since he made a few display cases for us-saving us tons of money...I thought we could give him a little floor space to try to sell it. What a pain it will be if someone does actually want to buy weighs 131 pounds!!!

We actually drove home with a window partially down! Thursday is supposed to be another day that is close to 50 degrees-can't wait!!!

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  1. What a lovely blog you have! This is my first visit. Those vintage tablecloths are gorgeous. Today in Minnesota it felt a little bit like Spring, too!!