Friday, February 11, 2011

Things are Getting Back to Normal Around Here!

The booth is up and running, the volleyball leagues are up and running, my Dad has had his surgery and is safely back home in the U.P., and we went to a couple of pretty good estate sales this week. I got a lot of stuff at the first one, and almost everything was a quarter or fifty cents each.

The one we went to today was HUGE! So huge, they rented a hall (a small hall) just to get it all in. It was very overwhelming because there was so much stuff! They made us leave our bags at the check out table, so it was really difficult to carry the things around that we wanted to buy. I did find a handful of hankies, a couple of tablecloths that are soaking in Biz right now and a couple of pieces of pottery.

I was really excited about my finds until I got home and looked at them. Once again, I was in a hurry, in an over-crowded place and I got a couple of things that are iffy. One of the tablecloths has a reddish stain by one of the flowers that looks like either old grape juice or blood. I'm going with grape juice-and hoping it comes out.

 I actually got these awesome trays on Ebay...they just arrived yesterday! There are 6 trays, so I think I can keep a few and sell a few!

 My Dad told me about this little oil can. I wasn't sure what it was. It was really interesting to find out it is what they used to use at the gas stations when you needed oil for your car. They would go over to a big drum of oil, and pour a quart into it and then pour it right into your car.

 A wooden tool box, made with old wood, but put together with a pneumatic stapler.

 A pair of old skates.

 A little corner shelf.

 This is a HUGE vase!

 Don't you just love the bright colors on the drink shaker? It even has recipes on it for all kinds of mixed drinks!

 A pink melmac serving bowl.

 An old wire chicken shaped egg basket.

 A Pyrex platter-can't have a good day thrifting without some Pyrex!

 There was one more of these little ornaments, but Adam's thumb went through it.

 Thinking about painting this mug tree turquoise and sanding some of it off...what do you think?

 A couple half pint milk bottles-from Dunn Brothers Dairy Howell, Michigan.

 A little chicken timer.

 A Christmas tin and a bunch of plate holders for the booth.


 Tablecloths soaking in Biz.

 A nut chopper in really bad shape, but it was a quarter!

 A mini syrup bottle.

 More linens-waiting to be soaked.

 A little white shelf and a Christmas tree candy container.

Last but not least...a Fiesta water pitcher-it has some small chips around the spout-I'm keeping this for me!

Best of of the sales was just in the next town over-so I visited it twice! The seller (who was also the daughter of the homeowner) said she was bringing more stuff in from her personal collection and some stuff from a friend and they will be having another sale in 3-4 weeks. You can bet I'll be watching Craigslist for her ad! Her sale was the one that had the super low prices that had a lot of these ¢ after the numbers.
How about you? Did you hit any sales today? What did you find? I'll be stopping by your blog in just a few minutes to see the treasures you found!


  1. WOW! I have that same green vase, found it at a Goodwill for less than $1.
    Great finds.

  2. You did well! Love the green jug - looks like our Utility ware

    My fave sale started today or was supposed to but we had terrible rain so my guess is it was cancelled (it was a boot sale in a large field).
    I'll wait til we actually get some real sellers there before getting up early and venturing out.

  3. Hi WW! I got the vase for $1. It reminds me of a pitcher and some glasses my grandma had when I was a kid.

    Hi Sharie! Please take lots of pictures and post them when you do get to go!

    Thanks for stopping by!!