Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm Pretty Impressed...

I've been a shopper at Livingston Antiques Outlet since they first opened and have always been very impressed with the mall and the booths of the all of the dealers in the mall. I've also been impressed with the sales staff over the years-they've always been very friendly, professional and helpful.

This past week, I've been a "dealer" in this same mall, and have experienced the other side of the coin-so to speak. After setting up the booth last week, and going in today for "Dealer Day", and getting a chance to talk to other dealers-I have to say this is really a GREAT antiques mall!

What is "Dealer Day"? It is one Sunday a month where the mall's dealers are invited to come in from 10am until noon for breakfast/brunch, a chance to get to know other dealers, a chance to froof, and tweak your booth without being in the way of shoppers, and...a chance to win $50 off of one month's booth rent or a $20 gift certificate!

The owners really work hard to make things easy for the dealers who rent space in their mall!

How AWESOME is that?!?!?

On top of all that, the dealers and staff that we have met have all been really friendly, and helpful! It's been a very enjoyable experience meeting them all!! I had a really nice conversation with the previous renters of our booth seems their daughter and I share a love for Fiesta!

I shopped a little after I got done adding more stuff and some froofing, (I bought a couple vintage Fiesta plates from the couple who used to rent our space-they just moved closer to their other booth) and while I was checking out, I heard someone call out my name. When I looked up, it was Mitzi, from Mitzi's collectibles! Thanks for saying "Hi" Mitzi and making me feel welcome!!!

Since my last post, we've added a few more things to the booth-so I thought I'd show you what it looks like today...

Last Friday, while we were out treasure seeking, Auntie and I saw a really neat display made out of wood lath and a rusty old farm fence. We thought it would be a good thing for the booth, but were worried that the rusty metal might come off on our hankies. So I've been trying to figure something out to display the hankies better than just setting them out or leaving them all piled up on a box.

This is what I came up with...

The square frame has stainless steel wire and mini clothespins (Kevin made this one-probably the last project for me from him for a while). Kevin bought the stainless steel wire last summer at the Greenmead Flea Market, and it's just been sitting out in the barn waiting to be used! I also made some hankie hangers out of strips of wood and clothespins that I tacked on with Kevin's pin nailer. I had a blast making them today-hopefully Auntie will like them!!

I also found these giant clothes pins and painted them red and added some polka dots-what do you think?


  1. i found you from the Pyrex Collective. i LOVE your booth!!!
    i actually zoomed in to your pictures because i spy the snowflake cinderella bowl i have been looking for forever!
    do you trade pyrex? and if not are you willing to sell and ship it? i just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.
    you can e-mail me at

  2. Those polka dot pegs are lovely. I can see you have made more additions to the booth - it all looks very intriguing.

  3. Thanks Sharie! It sure is filling up! Now we just need it go all start heading out the door-paid for first though!! :)