Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crazy Fun days!

On Tuesday, our neighbor's daughter stopped by to tell us they were going to be having a sale at their dad's house this weekend. I wasn't home, but Eric told me about it. On Wednesday, I saw them working out on the porch and stopped after work to say hi.

We chatted for quite a while. I had only ever met one of the daughters before, and now I've met all three. They are all such lovely ladies!!! I have spent a lot of time with them the past couple of days and have really enjoyed talking with them and getting to know them!

They even let me have a pre-sale shopping adventure! I was able to shop the sale the day before they opened. I felt awkward-almost like I shouldn't be doing it, but I did. I was trying to hurry because I had a volleyball game to get to, plus that awkward I was noticing on many things their prices were wayyyy too low, so I was telling them as I was going to raise their prices on things.

They were excited that things sold for as much as I told them to price them for. Some things they had a quarter on got bumped to $5, a $5 item I told them to bump to $40, a $5 item for $25-and all but 3 things that I had them bump prices on were gone!

I bought quite a few things. I spent a lot more than I usually do, but the majority of it will be going to the booth. I will keep a couple things. See if you can guess what I am keeping.

 Pink Pyrex is getting harder and harder to find! I love the pink plastic butter dish. One of the daughter's said their mom's dream was to have a pink and black kitchen.

 For some reason all my pictures turned when I uploaded them-sorry!

 Vintage material and feed sacks!

 Double paper rack-just needs a couple dowel rods.

 Very dirty chenille bedspread-they gave it to me for free since it was so dirty.

 Can't wait to clean this up to see what it says!!!




 Dish towels

 Paper roll for the paper rack

 Needs a good washing, but that's an easy thing to do!

 Michigan glass

 Hanky for a dime

 Fire King bowl for a quarter

 Ladies glove box

 Vintage planter

 Presidents plate

 Knee hugger elves.

 Cootie Game-I still need to look to see if all the pieces are in there, I didn't look-just fell in love with the box!

 Old tin toy phone

 Dolly washing station and a couple of old yard sticks

 Cabinet #1-the picture doesn't do it justice-it is pretty awesome!

 Toy Sewing machine

I went back today after work to see if there were any treasures left, but they looked to be down to about 1/20 of what they started with-I was so happy for them and so happy to see the relieved looks on their faces! I was bummed to have missed out on some of the stuff, but I got some fun things. I chatted with them for a while, and went home and got Adam to help me load the second cabinet that I bought, I only bought the top half because I wasn't so sure the bottom actually went with it. As we were walking out, one of the sister's offered the bottom to me for free! So, it came home too.

Tonight they are pulling stuff out of the last bedroom and pricing it for tomorrow. Do I go back tomorrow? Have I been a big enough pest already? I'm curious to see what they pull out, but I don't want to over do my welcome...what do you think?

Here is cabinet #2:

The bottom looks a lot newer than the top and the top is about 2" narrower than the bottom. They were painted the same color and the same knobs were used, and in the pictures they look pretty good together, but I don' think they were original. It's about 4- 4.5" tall.

After I left them for the second time today, I ran an errand and on my way home, I passed a sign (that I obviously passed on the way there, but missed) for another sale at a house I've always admired from the road. So I stopped. 

It was the home of a former antique dealer, who had tons of awesome antiques. As I was walking up, I noticed a pie safe on the lawn! I've been looking and looking for a pie safe, but they are all well over $100, some as high as $800. This one was in my price range-cheap! It is (according to the dealer) turn of the century. It has tongue and groove boards and octagon like nail heads. Not quite square, but definitely not round. 

I still had the second cabinet in my car, so I ran home real quick to unload, and when I got back, we found out it was too heavy for me to help an older man lift and carry across the yard to my car. So he asked a younger guy who was picking up the most amazing primitive dining table that I've ever seen, to help him.

The bad news, is---it wouldn't fit in my car! It was about 3" too wide and since it was square-we couldn't turn it to get it to fit. The table guy lived about a block away and he told me to hold on and after he dumped his table off, he'd be back and would deliver my pie safe! How awesome was that!?!?

Sure enough, he came back, followed me home-he lives about a mile from me. I had seen him earlier at the neighbor's sale and he was showing them historical photos of the area and historical maps that he brought over. 

He said people have been kind to his family lately with his grandfather's illness and mini strokes, so he was paying it forward by helping me, and all he asked was that I pay it forward to someone else and keep it going! How awesome is that!?!?

I will be paying it forward on Saturday! I am going to Bowling Green, Ohio to help a friend from work set up an estate sale at her parent's home. She just moved them into assisted living last weekend and needs some help because her only sibling isn't willing to help. She had asked someone else, but they couldn't help. 

Here is the pie safe...

I plan to replace the fabric with screen and store quilts and tablecloths in it. She told me to use restorer's finish on it and it would be lovely. She said it got dried out in her house because she didn't use it on the wood for a very long time. I'll have to wait a week after using it to prevent it from getting on the linens, but after a week, it should be safe.

So there you have my crazy, fun couple of days. another fun couple of notes...we won 4 out of 5 games at our volleyball match last night against the first place team! Adam grouted the tile in the bathtub/shower in our main bathroom-so only 10 more days of sharing our shower, and only ten more days until our house gets back to normal!!!

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  1. You got GREAT STUFF at the pre-sale! I'm happy that you went ahead and chose some things, even though you felt awkward. Good for you.

    The cabinet (top AND bottom) is awesome! And the pie safe is sweet, too. How nice of that guy to help you out by delivering it!