Monday, September 16, 2013

Missing Pieces...

A couple of weeks ago, I won an item on Ebay that I was so excited to get. It was a Betty Crocker acrylic cupcake stand. I saw it on a fellow Fiesta fan's website. She used it to hold her Fiesta salt and pepper shakers. It looked pretty awesome, and it was a fun way to display the shakers. I did an auto search on Ebay and watched them for a few months and finally one popped up with a great price and I jumped on it!

When it got here, the package was a little smooshed, so I took pictures before I opened it, just in case it was damaged. It wasn't damaged. It was worse! 3 little parts were missing! Even though they were little parts, they were crucial to the design.

I sent the seller an email immediately, just in case she forgot to include them in the box. She didn't have them,and told me she'd give me some sort of a refund. I informed her that it didn't work at all without them and she gave me a full refund.

So, now I have some parts to a tiered cupcake stand that can't be put together, but at least I'm not out any money. I should probably just throw the parts out, but I hate to throw perfectly good things away!

I'm so bummed! I was so looking forward to it! Back to the drawing board and searching for another one in my el-cheap-o price range!

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  1. That stinks! But at least you got your money back.

    What parts are missing? If it's the spanners between the tiers, you can probably make your own out of light metal pipe or even clear rigid fish tank line. I think the puzzle of making it work without the parts sounds like as much fun as winning the piece!