Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No End in Sight!

I thought things would slow down when spring turned into summer and a lot of our usual activities stopped for the summer...I thought when summer got into the dog days, things would be slower and that I could catch my breath...I thought wrong!

You've see a lot of my spring and summer, not all of it-way too much going on to post about it all. Now my late summer, early fall is gearing up to be just as crazy!

Last Sunday was our annual LAUNCH or fall kick-off for the Student Ministries Department that I work in at my church. We hold it every year, the first Sunday after Labor Day.  It also happens to be the same day as the last flea market at Greenmead. I've gone racing to Greenmead after launch for several years. This year, to keep peace in my house, I decided to not go to Greenmead.

I am bummed to have missed it! I haven't seen any posts on it yet from friends and fellow bloggers who went. I hope it was fun-it always it.

I did go to a couple of sales on Saturday. Not my usual day to get out and shop in driveways, but I had a mandatory training class all day Thursday and half a day Friday. Then Friday afternoon, I had to shop for food for the Launch-so Saturday was the only day I could go.

I only went to 4 sales and found a few things. Not great finds, but it was something. The first sale was a pre-moving sale-to be repeated mid October. I got some really good deals, so I might go back, if I remember. I got an old wooden crate (it is at the church waiting to be part of a display for an art tent they are doing on Sunday at our church picnic), and an old metal wheel-not sure if it is a wagon wheel or a tractor wheel.

The next sale I got this awesome blender cover for only $1. It was the last day of the sale, and the ladies running the sale were thrilled that someone finally bought it. How could 3 days worth of shoppers walk past it? Was it the dirt? I'm not afraid of a little dirt! Their loss is my gain!

Then I found these cute little kiddie curtains! They were at an estate sale liquidation company's going out of business sale so they were super, super cheap. Too bad I don't have any little ones in my house, I might be tempted to keep them!

This weekend we are going up to my in-laws-they live about 4 hours north of us. They've accepted an offer on their house and are going to be moving to Florida. So, that means another estate sale, on top of moving them. The good news is, they are selling the house with all the furnishings, and their home in Florida is already well stocked. So, as long as they don't have too big of a sentimental attachment on their stuff, we should be selling it all.

The bad part is, they are 4 hours away, and I'm not sure we can get it all priced in one that means more trips north until we can have the sale-the somehow getting them to Florida. Our Saturday volleyball league starts on the 21st, I opted out of playing this session so I can have more time to be free on weekends, but now I'm being asked to sub on other teams that are short players!

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  1. I know what you mean about summer never slowing down... I've been waiting for a little time to 'kick back' and now realize summer's over! Where did it go?

    I hope everything goes well with your in-laws' sale -- you're a nice daughter-in-law to do that for them!