Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day Three and Done!

Day three started off with tons of shoppers! I was totally unprepared for that many shoppers because Saturdays typically are not good garage sale days around here. Usually Thursday is the best day, Friday is half or less of Thursday, and Saturday's usually aren't even worth the effort to open.

I left Mr BHTS in charge while I made a visit to the local urgent care. Another very painful ear infection, seven months since the last one. I wish I could out-grow them like most people! While I was gone, he was wheeling and dealing like crazy. I was pretty disappointed at the price he sold one of the items for, but everything else he did well with.

I have had two offers on the white cabinets, but they were very low, and for that little amount, I will just put them away and store them in the barn and try to sell them another time. Space in the upstairs of our barn is pretty much unlimited. I could hold them for 20 years and not have to look at them or have them be in the way.

Saturday shoppers were talkative shoppers! After my Dr. visit, I came home and ran the sale while Mr went to get my prescriptions filled. I think just about 1 in 5 people in this county have had a booth at the same antiques and collectibles mall where my booth was! It was very interesting talking with all of them. They all had pretty much the same story to tell.

I met a ton of people this weekend and really enjoyed chatting with everyone! After we closed up the sale, we took a huge carload to donate, and put away the giant canopy. We had to hurry up and get ready for a wedding that was over an hour away.

It was in an orchard. very pretty setting, but oh, so very HOT!! 86 degrees in the blistering sun. The reception was in a barn just a short walk from the ceremony site. The bride was radiant, the groom was quiet, but you could see he was very much in love. The party was fun, because we knew a good majority of people. Usually, when we go to weddings, we know a couple or a few people, this time, we knew tons of people.

The food was the best we've ever had at a wedding before! Famous Dave's catered it and I have to say, the food at the reception was better than what we've ever gotten in the restaurant!! The last time we ate at the restaurant, we said it would be our last, because the food was over cooked and dried out. Not so at the reception-YUM!

We ended up leaving early because the pain meds weren't holding back the ear pain any more. It was a fun night watching a very beautiful bride, that we've known for probably around 14 or 15 years marry her prince charming and celebrating with lots of people we've known for many years.

Today, I'm supposed to be at an awareness walk for trauma burn patients, but I had to bow out to stay home near the heating pad-it really helps with ear pain! Mr has gone to join his team of coworkers ( he's a trauma burn operating room nurse). I'm bummed-I was really looking forward to going today.

Did any of you make it to Midland or Greenmead? I missed out on both of those this weekend as well. We have a graduation party this afternoon, but I'm thinking I'm going to just mail the card. Summertime in our house is starting off crazy busy, I hope it slows down so we can enjoy the warm weather!!

I'm trying to decide if another garage sale is the way to go, of if I should pack it all up and try for a flea market. I've been pondering a flea market with a $1 table and a $5 table ( or a couple of each) just to get rid of it...what are your thoughts?

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  1. I have always had better luck with yard sales, we did the Flea Market once and it was very disappointing. However, your Flea Market may be better than ours.